Christopher D Steele
Christopher D Steele
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likeLTD v6. 0: An Illustrative Analysis, Explanation of the Model, Results of Validation Tests and Version History
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The genomics of undifferentiated sarcoma of soft tissue: progress, challenges and opportunities
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Therapeutic vulnerability to PARP1, 2 inhibition in RB1-mutant osteosarcoma
G Zoumpoulidou, C Alvarez-Mendoza, C Mancusi, RM Ahmed, ...
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An overview of mutational and copy number signatures in human cancer
CD Steele, N Pillay, LB Alexandrov
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Whole-genome sequencing of single circulating tumor cells from neuroendocrine neoplasms
A Childs, CD Steele, C Vesely, FM Rizzo, L Ensell, H Lowe, P Dhami, ...
Endocrine-related cancer 28 (9), 631-644, 2021
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