Sylvie Dabos Seignon
Sylvie Dabos Seignon
laboratoire Moltech-Anjou
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A nonvolatile memory element based on an organic field-effect transistor
KN Narayanan Unni, R de Bettignies, S Dabos-Seignon, JM Nunzi
Applied physics letters 85 (10), 1823-1825, 2004
Pentacene: PTCDI-C13H27 molecular blends efficiently harvest light for solar cell applications
AK Pandey, S Dabos-Seignon, JM Nunzi
Applied Physics Letters 89 (11), 2006
Optical properties of ZnO and ZnO: Ce layers grown by spray pyrolysis
Z Sofiani, B Derkowska, P Dalasiński, M Wojdyła, S Dabos-Seignon, ...
Optics communications 267 (2), 433-439, 2006
Improved performance of pentacene field-effect transistors using a polyimide gate dielectric layer
KNN Unni, S Dabos-Seignon, JM Nunzi
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 38 (8), 1148, 2005
Influence of size effect and sputtering conditions on the crystallinity and optical properties of ZnO thin films
V Kapustianyk, B Turko, A Kostruba, Z Sofiani, B Derkowska, ...
Optics Communications 269 (2), 346-350, 2007
Penta (zinc porphyrin)[60] fullerenes: Strong reverse saturable absorption for optical limiting applications
B Kulyk, K Waszkowska, A Busseau, C Villegas, P Hudhomme, ...
Applied Surface Science 533, 147468, 2020
Structural and nonlinear optical properties of as-grown and annealed metallophthalocyanine thin films
A Zawadzka, P Płóciennik, J Strzelecki, M Pranaitis, S Dabos-Seignon, ...
Thin Solid Films 545, 429-437, 2013
Enantiopure versus racemic naphthalimide end‐capped helicenic non‐fullerene electron acceptors: impact on organic photovoltaics performance
P Josse, L Favereau, C Shen, S Dabos‐Seignon, P Blanchard, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (26), 6277-6281, 2017
Phthalimide end-capped thienoisoindigo and diketopyrrolopyrrole as non-fullerene molecular acceptors for organic solar cells
P Josse, C Dalinot, Y Jiang, S Dabos-Seignon, J Roncali, P Blanchard, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 4 (1), 250-256, 2016
Structural and electrical properties of zinc oxides thin films prepared by thermal oxidation
M Girtan, GG Rusu, S Dabos-Seignon, M Rusu
Applied surface science 254 (13), 4179-4185, 2008
Influence of the polymer dielectric characteristics on the performance of a quaterthiophene organic field-effect transistor
KNN Unni, S Dabos-Seignon, JM Nunzi
Journal of materials science 41, 1865-1871, 2006
Triphenylamine-Based Push–Pull σ–C60 Dyad As Photoactive Molecular Material for Single-Component Organic Solar Cells: Synthesis, Characterizations, and …
A Labrunie, J Gorenflot, M Babics, O Aleveque, S Dabos-Seignon, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (10), 3474-3485, 2018
Multistate polarization addressing using a single beam in an azo polymer film
SA Kandjani, R Barille, S Dabos-Seignon, JM Nunzi, E Ortyl, S Kucharski
Optics letters 30 (15), 1986-1988, 2005
Novel styrylquinolinium dye thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition for nonlinear optical applications
H El Ouazzani, S Dabos-Seignon, D Gindre, K Iliopoulos, M Todorova, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (12), 7144-7152, 2012
Improved performance of organic solar cells by growth optimization of MoO3/CuI double‐anode buffer
L Cattin, JC Bernède, Y Lare, S Dabos‐Seignon, N Stephant, M Morsli, ...
physica status solidi (a) 210 (4), 802-808, 2013
Carbon surface derivatization by electrochemical reduction of a diazonium salt in situ produced from the nitro precursor
C Cougnon, NH Nguyen, S Dabos-Seignon, J Mauzeroll, D Bélanger
Journal of electroanalytical chemistry 661 (1), 13-19, 2011
Use of selective redox cross-inhibitors for the control of organic layer formation obtained via diazonium salt reduction
I López, S Dabos-Seignon, T Breton
Langmuir 35 (34), 11048-11055, 2019
Controlled diazonium electrografting driven by overpotential reduction: A general strategy to prepare ultrathin layers
L Pichereau, I López, M Cesbron, S Dabos-Seignon, C Gautier, T Breton
Chemical communications 55 (4), 455-457, 2019
Thiophene vs thiazole: Effect of the π-connector on the properties of phthalimide end-capped diketopyrrolopyrrole based molecular acceptors for organic photovoltaics
P Josse, P Chávez, C Dindault, C Dalinot, SM McAfee, S Dabos-Seignon, ...
Dyes and Pigments 137, 576-583, 2017
A nonvolatile memory element based on a quaterthiophene field-effect transistor
KNN Unni, R de Bettignies, S Dabos-Seignon, JM Nunzi
Materials Letters 59 (10), 1165-1168, 2005
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