Graham J Britton
Graham J Britton
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Immunology of COVID-19: current state of the science
N Vabret, GJ Britton, C Gruber, S Hegde, J Kim, M Kuksin, R Levantovsky, ...
Immunity 52 (6), 910-941, 2020
Regulation of adaptive immunity; the role of interleukin-10
THS Ng, GJ Britton, EV Hill, J Verhagen, BR Burton, DC Wraith
Frontiers in immunology 4, 129, 2013
Microbiotas from humans with inflammatory bowel disease alter the balance of gut Th17 and RORγt+ regulatory T cells and exacerbate colitis in mice
GJ Britton, EJ Contijoch, I Mogno, OH Vennaro, SR Llewellyn, R Ng, Z Li, ...
Immunity 50 (1), 212-224. e4, 2019
Interactions between diet and the intestinal microbiota alter intestinal permeability and colitis severity in mice
SR Llewellyn, GJ Britton, EJ Contijoch, OH Vennaro, A Mortha, ...
Gastroenterology 154 (4), 1037-1046. e2, 2018
Interspecies comparisons on the uptake and toxicity of silver and cerium dioxide nanoparticles
BK Gaiser, TF Fernandes, MA Jepson, JR Lead, CR Tyler, M Baalousha, ...
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31 (1), 144-154, 2012
Sequential transcriptional changes dictate safe and effective antigen-specific immunotherapy
BR Burton, GJ Britton, H Fang, J Verhagen, B Smithers, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4741, 2014
Intestinal host response to SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 outcomes in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms
AE Livanos, D Jha, F Cossarini, AS Gonzalez-Reiche, M Tokuyama, ...
Gastroenterology 160 (7), 2435-2450. e34, 2021
Infants born to mothers with IBD present with altered gut microbiome that transfers abnormalities of the adaptive immune system to germ-free mice
J Torres, J Hu, A Seki, C Eisele, N Nair, R Huang, L Tarassishin, B Jharap, ...
Gut 69 (1), 42-51, 2020
Gut microbiota density influences host physiology and is shaped by host and microbial factors
EJ Contijoch, GJ Britton, C Yang, I Mogno, Z Li, R Ng, SR Llewellyn, ...
Elife 8, e40553, 2019
IL-4 enhances IL-10 production in Th1 cells: implications for Th1 and Th2 regulation
RE Mitchell, M Hassan, BR Burton, G Britton, EV Hill, J Verhagen, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 11315, 2017
Limited intestinal inflammation despite diarrhea, fecal viral RNA and SARS-CoV-2-specific IgA in patients with acute COVID-19
GJ Britton, A Chen-Liaw, F Cossarini, AE Livanos, MP Spindler, T Plitt, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-13, 2021
Defined microbiota transplant restores Th17/RORγt+ regulatory T cell balance in mice colonized with inflammatory bowel disease microbiotas
GJ Britton, EJ Contijoch, MP Spindler, V Aggarwala, B Dogan, G Bongers, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (35), 21536-21545, 2020
Precise quantification of bacterial strains after fecal microbiota transplantation delineates long-term engraftment and explains outcomes
V Aggarwala, I Mogno, Z Li, C Yang, GJ Britton, A Chen-Liaw, J Mitcham, ...
Nature Microbiology 6 (10), 1309-1318, 2021
CTLA-4 controls the thymic development of both conventional and regulatory T cells through modulation of the TCR repertoire
J Verhagen, R Genolet, GJ Britton, BJ Stevenson, CA Sabatos-Peyton, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (3), E221-E230, 2013
Advancing scientific knowledge in times of pandemics
N Vabret, R Samstein, N Fernandez, M Merad, ...
Nature Reviews Immunology 20 (6), 338-338, 2020
Mining the microbiota to identify gut commensals modulating neuroinflammation in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis
P Bianchimano, GJ Britton, DS Wallach, EM Smith, LM Cox, S Liu, ...
Microbiome 10 (1), 174, 2022
Chromatin priming renders T cell tolerance-associated genes sensitive to activation below the signaling threshold for immune response genes
SL Bevington, STH Ng, GJ Britton, P Keane, DC Wraith, PN Cockerill
Cell Reports 31 (10), 2020
Human gut microbiota stimulate defined innate immune responses that vary from phylum to strain
MP Spindler, S Siu, I Mogno, Z Li, C Yang, S Mehandru, GJ Britton, ...
Cell host & microbe 30 (10), 1481-1498. e5, 2022
PKCθ links proximal T cell and Notch signaling through localized regulation of the actin cytoskeleton
GJ Britton, R Ambler, DJ Clark, EV Hill, HM Tunbridge, KE McNally, ...
Elife 6, e20003, 2017
The role of individual protein kinase C isoforms in mouse mast cell function and their targeting by the immunomodulatory parasitic worm product, ES-62
KS Bell, L Al-Riyami, FE Lumb, GJ Britton, AW Poole, CM Williams, ...
Immunology letters 168 (1), 31-40, 2015
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