Bruno Fady
Bruno Fady
INRA Avignon, France
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Postglacial range expansion and its genetic imprints in Abies alba (Mill.)—a synthesis from palaeobotanic and genetic data
S Liepelt, R Cheddadi, JL de Beaulieu, B Fady, D Gömöry, ...
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The role of forest genetic resources in responding to biotic and abiotic factors in the context of anthropogenic climate change
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Fatty acids from seeds of Pinus pinea L.: composition and population profiling
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B Fady-Welterlen
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F Sagnard, C Pichot, P Dreyfus, P Jordano, B Fady
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M Heuertz, J Teufel, SC González‐Martínez, A Soto, B Fady, R Alía, ...
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Genetic effects of forest management practices: global synthesis and perspectives
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Macroecological patterns of species and genetic diversity in vascular plants of the Mediterranean basin
B Fady, C Conord
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Translating conservation genetics into management: Pan-European minimum requirements for dynamic conservation units of forest tree genetic diversity
J Koskela, F Lefèvre, S Schueler, H Kraigher, DC Olrik, J Hubert, ...
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Study on isozyme variation in Pinus pinea L.: evidence for low polymorphism
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Genetic consequences of past climate and human impact on eastern Mediterranean Cedrus libani forests. Implications for their conservation
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Population estimators or progeny tests: what is the best method to assess null allele frequencies at SSR loci?
S Oddou-Muratorio, GG Vendramin, J Buiteveld, B Fady
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Considering evolutionary processes in adaptive forestry
F Lefèvre, T Boivin, A Bontemps, F Courbet, H Davi, M Durand-Gillmann, ...
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EUFORGEN Technical Guidelines for genetic conservation and use for European black pine (Pinus nigra)
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Allozyme variation and possible phylogenetic implications in Abies cephalonica Loudon and some related eastern Mediterranean firs
B Fady, MT Conkle
Sllvae Genetica 42 (6): p. 351-359, 1993
Large‐scale longitudinal gradients of genetic diversity: a meta‐analysis across six phyla in the M editerranean basin
C Conord, J Gurevitch, B Fady
Ecology and evolution 2 (10), 2600-2614, 2012
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