Pierre-Yves Gourves
Pierre-Yves Gourves
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A two-million-year-long hydroclimatic context for hominin evolution in southeastern Africa
T Caley, T Extier, JA Collins, E Schefuß, L Dupont, B Malaizé, L Rossignol, ...
Nature 560 (7716), 76-79, 2018
Combined effects of pollutants and salinity on embryo-larval development of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas
P Gamain, P Gonzalez, J Cachot, P Pardon, N Tapie, PY Gourves, ...
Marine environmental research 113, 31-38, 2016
Metal detoxification and gene expression regulation after a Cd and Zn contamination: an experimental study on Danio rerio
A Arini, PY Gourves, P Gonzalez, M Baudrimont
Chemosphere 128, 125-133, 2015
Pollution biomonitoring in the Bizerte lagoon (Tunisia), using combined chemical and biomarker analyses in grass goby, Zosterisessor ophiocephalus (Teleostei, Gobiidae)
B Barhoumi, C Clérandeau, PY Gourves, K Le Menach, Y El Megdiche, ...
Marine environmental research 101, 184-195, 2014
Early and efficient induction of antioxidant defense system in Mytilus galloprovincialis embryos exposed to metals and heat stress
K Boukadida, J Cachot, C Clérandeaux, PY Gourves, M Banni
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 138, 105-112, 2017
High sensitivity of embryo-larval stage of the Mediterranean mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis to metal pollution in combination with temperature increase
K Boukadida, M Banni, PY Gourves, J Cachot
Marine environmental research 122, 59-66, 2016
Combined effects of temperature and copper and S-metolachlor on embryo-larval development of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas
P Gamain, P Gonzalez, J Cachot, C Clérandeau, N Mazzella, PY Gourves, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 115 (1-2), 201-210, 2017
Transcriptomic, biochemical, and histopathological responses of the clam Ruditapes decussatus from a metal-contaminated Tunis lagoon
H Chalghmi, JP Bourdineaud, Z Haouas, PY Gourves, I Zrafi, ...
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology 70 (2), 241-256, 2016
Trophic transfer and effects of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) in Gammarus fossarum from contaminated periphytic biofilm
M Baudrimont, J Andrei, S Mornet, P Gonzalez, N Mesmer-Dudons, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (12), 11181-11191, 2018
Sub-lethal effects of waterborne copper in early developmental stages of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
SW Santos, J Cachot, PY Gourves, C Clérandeau, B Morin, P Gonzalez
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 170, 778-788, 2019
Combined effects of metal contamination and abiotic parameters on biomarker responses in clam Ruditapes decussatus gills: an integrated approach in biomonitoring of Tunis lagoon
H Chalghmi, I Zrafi, PY Gourves, JP Bourdineaud, D Saidane-Mosbahi
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 18 (7), 895-907, 2016
Whole-transcriptome response to wastewater treatment plant and stormwater effluents in the Asian clam, Corbicula fluminea
A Bertucci, F Pierron, PY Gourves, C Klopp, G Lagarde, C Pereto, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 165, 96-106, 2018
Usefulness of RTL-W1 and OLCAB-e3 fish cell lines and multiple endpoint measurements for toxicity evaluation of unknown or complex mixture of chemicals
P Pannetier, L Fuster, C Clérandeau, C Lacroix, PY Gourves, J Cachot, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 150, 40-48, 2018
Compared responses to copper and increased temperatures of hybrid and pure offspring of two mussel species
R Mlouka, J Cachot, K Boukadida, C Clérandeau, PY Gourves, M Banni
Science of the Total Environment 685, 795-805, 2019
Corbicula fluminea: a sentinel species for urban Rare Earth Element origin
C Pereto, A Coynel, A Lerat-Hardy, PY Gourves, J Schäfer, M Baudrimont
Science of the Total Environment 732, 138552, 2020
Assessment of swimming behavior of the Pacific oyster D-larvae (Crassostrea gigas) following exposure to model pollutants
P Gamain, A Roméro-Ramirez, P Gonzalez, N Mazzella, PY Gourves, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (4), 3675-3685, 2020
On the possibility to produce again oysters Crassostrea gigas in the North Médoc salt marshes (Gironde estuary, Southwestern France): A comparison study of metals …
M Baudrimont, A Chelini, PY Gourves, R Maury-Brachet, A Legeay
Marine pollution bulletin 111 (1-2), 184-193, 2016
Acute toxicity of sodium chloride, nitrates, ortho-phosphates, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum for juveniles of the freshwater pearl mussel: Margaritifera margaritifera (L. 1758)
T Belamy, A Legeay, B Etcheverria, MA Cordier, PY Gourves, ...
Environments 7 (6), 48, 2020
Do Temporal and Spatial Parameters or Lifestyle of the Pacific Oyster Crasssostrea gigas Affect Pollutant Bioaccumulation, Offspring Development, and Tolerance …
P Gamain, J Cachot, P Gonzalez, H Budzinski, PY Gourves, B Morin
Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 58, 2017
Health indicators and contaminant levels of a critically endangered species in the Gironde estuary, the European sturgeon
ML Acolas, B Davail, P Gonzalez, S Jean, C Clérandeau, B Morin, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (4), 3726-3745, 2020
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