Stefan Krischok
Stefan Krischok
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Electronic structure of the surface of the ionic liquid [EMIM][Tf2N] studied by metastable impact electron spectroscopy (MIES), UPS, and XPS
O Höfft, S Bahr, M Himmerlich, S Krischok, JA Schaefer, V Kempter
Langmuir 22 (17), 7120-7123, 2006
H2O interaction with bare and Li-precovered TiO2: studies with electron spectroscopies (MIES and UPS (HeI and II))
S Krischok, O Höfft, J Günster, J Stultz, DW Goodman, V Kempter
Surface science 495 (1-2), 8-18, 2001
Temperature-dependent electronic and vibrational structure of the 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis (trifluoromethylsulfonyl) amide room-temperature ionic liquid surface: A study …
S Krischok, M Eremtchenko, M Himmerlich, P Lorenz, J Uhlig, A Neumann, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (18), 4801-4806, 2007
AlGaN/GaN biosensor—effect of device processing steps on the surface properties and biocompatibility
I Cimalla, F Will, K Tonisch, M Niebelschütz, V Cimalla, V Lebedev, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 123 (2), 740-748, 2007
Plasma electrochemistry in ionic liquids: deposition of copper nanoparticles
M Brettholle, O Hoefft, L Klarhöfer, S Mathes, W Maus-Friedrichs, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (8), 1750-1755, 2010
Densification of thin aluminum oxide films by thermal treatments
V Cimalla, M Baeumler, L Kirste, M Prescher, B Christian, T Passow, ...
Materials Sciences and Applications 5 (08), 628, 2014
Pyrolysis of cellulose and lignin
T Haensel, A Comouth, P Lorenz, SIU Ahmed, S Krischok, N Zydziak, ...
Applied Surface Science 255 (18), 8183-8189, 2009
The characterization of SrTiO3 (001) with MIES, UPS (HeI) and first-principles calculations
W Maus-Friedrichs, M Frerichs, A Gunhold, S Krischok, V Kempter, ...
Surface science 515 (2-3), 499-506, 2002
Interaction between core and protection shell of N (butyl) 4Cl-and N (octyl) 4Cl-stabilized Pd colloids
S Bucher, J Hormes, H Modrow, R Brinkmann, N Waldöfner, ...
Surface science 497 (1-3), 321-332, 2002
Improved adhesion at titanium surfaces via laser-induced surface oxidation and roughening
S Zimmermann, U Specht, L Spieß, H Romanus, S Krischok, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 558, 755-760, 2012
Effect of dislocations on electrical and electron transport properties of InN thin films. I. Strain relief and formation of a dislocation network
V Lebedev, V Cimalla, J Pezoldt, M Himmerlich, S Krischok, JA Schaefer, ...
Journal of applied physics 100 (9), 094902, 2006
Raman spectroscopy of amorphous carbon prepared by pulsed arc discharge in various gas mixtures
M Marton, M Vojs, E Zdravecká, M Himmerlich, T Hänsel, S Krischok, ...
Journal of Spectroscopy 2013, 2013
Ag-adsorption on MgO: investigations with MIES and UPS
P Stracke, S Krischok, V Kempter
Surface science 473 (1-2), 86-96, 2001
Water and methanol adsorption on MgO (100)/Mo (100) studied by electron spectroscopies and thermal programmed desorption
J Günster, G Liu, J Stultz, S Krischok, DW Goodman
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104 (24), 5738-5743, 2000
Surface band bending at nominally undoped and Mg‐doped inn by Auger electron spectroscopy
V Cimalla, M Niebelschütz, G Ecke, V Lebedev, O Ambacher, ...
physica status solidi (a) 203 (1), 59-65, 2006
Nanoscale multilayer WC/C coatings developed for nanopositioning: Part I. Microstructures and mechanical properties
M Gubisch, Y Liu, L Spiess, H Romanus, S Krischok, G Ecke, JA Schaefer, ...
Thin Solid Films 488 (1-2), 132-139, 2005
Morphology and surface electronic structure of MBE grown InN
M Himmerlich, S Krischok, V Lebedev, O Ambacher, JA Schaefer
Journal of crystal growth 306 (1), 6-11, 2007
Influence of ion implantation on titanium surfaces for medical applications
S Krischok, C Blank, M Engel, R Gutt, G Ecke, J Schawohl, L Spieß, ...
Surface Science 601 (18), 3856-3860, 2007
The role of Si as surfactant and donor in molecular-beam epitaxy of AlN
V Lebedev, FM Morales, H Romanus, S Krischok, G Ecke, V Cimalla, ...
Journal of applied physics 98 (9), 093508, 2005
Multiple stress degradation analysis of the active layer in organic photovoltaics
V Turkovic, S Engmann, DAM Egbe, M Himmerlich, S Krischok, G Gobsch, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 120, 654-668, 2014
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