María Pérez-Fernández
María Pérez-Fernández
Professor of Ecology
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The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization in the carbon and nutrient economy of the tripartite symbiosis with nodulated Phaseolus vulgaris
PE Mortimer, MA Pérez-Fernández, AJ Valentine
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 40 (5), 1019-1027, 2008
Effect of smoke, charred wood, and nitrogenous compounds on seed germination of ten species from woodland in central-western Spain
MA Pérez-Fernández, S Rodríguez-Echeverría
Journal of Chemical Ecology 29, 237-251, 2003
Seedling growth response to added nutrients depends on seed size in three woody genera
P Milberg, MA Pérez‐Fernández, BB Lamont
Journal of Ecology 86 (4), 624-632, 1998
Survival and growth of native and exotic composites in response to a nutrient gradient
P Milberg, BB Lamont, MA Pérez-Fernández
Plant Ecology 145, 125-132, 1999
Analysis of the legume–rhizobia symbiosis in shrubs from central western Spain
S Rodríguez‐Echeverría, MA Pérez‐Fernández, S Vlaar, T Finnan
Journal of Applied Microbiology 95 (6), 1367-1374, 2003
Soil fertility and herb facilitation mediated by Retama sphaerocarpa
S Rodríguez‐Echeverría, MA Pérez‐Fernández
Journal of Vegetation Science 14 (6), 807-814, 2003
Simulation of germination of pioneer species along an experimental drought gradient
MA Pérez-Fernández, E Calvo-Magro, D Ferrer-Castán
Journal of Environmental Biology 27 (4), 679-685, 2006
El libro de las dehesas salmantinas
JM Gómez Gutiérrez
Junta de Castilla y León, 1992
Germination of seven exotic weeds and seven native speciesin south-western Australia under steady and fluctuating water supply
MA Pérez-Fernández, BB Lamont, AL Marwick, WG Lamont
Acta Oecologica 21 (6), 323-336, 2000
Seed germination in response to chemicals: Effect of nitrogen and pH in the media
MA Pérez-Fernández, E Calvo-Magro, J Montanero-Fernández, ...
Journal of environmental biology 27 (1), 13, 2006
Potential use of Iberian shrubby legumes and rhizobia inoculation in revegetation projects under acidic soil conditions
S Rodríguez-Echeverría, MA Pérez-Fernández
Applied Soil Ecology 29 (2), 203-208, 2005
The" dehesas": silvopastoral systems in semiarid Metiterranean regions with poor soils, seasonal climate and extensive utilisation
JM Gómez-Gutiérrez, M Pérez-Fernández, M Etienne
Paris (France) INRA, 1996
Influence of soil texture on the distribution and availability of 238U, 230Th, and 226Ra in soils
PB Rodríguez, FV Tomé, JC Lozano, MA Perez-Fernandez
Journal of environmental radioactivity 99 (8), 1247-1254, 2008
The dual symbiosis between arbuscular mycorrhiza and nitrogen fixing bacteria benefits the growth and nutrition of the woody invasive legume Acacia cyclops under nutrient …
PE Mortimer, MR Le Roux, MA Pérez-Fernández, VA Benedito, A Kleinert, ...
Plant and soil 366, 229-241, 2013
Arbuscular mycorrhizae affect the N and C economy of nodulated Phaseolus vulgaris (L.) during NH4+ nutrition
PE Mortimer, MA Pérez-Fernández, AJ Valentine
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 41 (10), 2115-2121, 2009
Nodulation and performance of exotic and native legumes in Australian soils
MA Pérez-Fernández, BB Lamont
Australian Journal of Botany 51 (5), 543-553, 2003
Regulatory effect of phosphorus and nitrogen on nodulation and plant performance of leguminous shrubs
MA Míguez-Montero, A Valentine, MA Pérez-Fernández
AoB Plants 12 (1), plz047, 2020
Benefits of the symbiotic association of shrubby legumes for the rehabilitation of degraded soils under Mediterranean climatic conditions
MA Pérez‐Fernández, E Calvo‐Magro, A Valentine
Land degradation & development 27 (2), 395-405, 2016
Soil bacteria hold the key to root cluster formation
BB Lamont, M Pérez‐Fernández, J Rodríguez‐Sánchez
New Phytologist 206 (3), 1156-1162, 2015
Arbuscular mycorrhiza maintains nodule function during external NH 4 + supply in Phaseolus vulgaris (L.)
PE Mortimer, MA Pérez-Fernández, AJ Valentine
Mycorrhiza 22, 237-245, 2012
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