Babak Naimi
raster: Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling
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sdm: a reproducible and extensible R platform for species distribution modelling
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Standards for distribution models in biodiversity assessments
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Spatial autocorrelation in predictors reduces the impact of positional uncertainty in occurrence data on species distribution modelling
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Spread of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus likely constrained by climate
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USDM: Uncertainty analysis for species distribution models. R package version 1.1–15
B Naimi
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Remotely sensed empirical modeling of bathymetry in the Southeastern Caspian Sea
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Package ‘usdm’. Uncertainty analysis for species distribution models
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A historical and future impact assessment of mining activities on surface biophysical characteristics change: A remote sensing-based approach
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ELSA: Entropy-based local indicator of spatial association
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The global forest transition as a human affair
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Remotely-sensed early warning signals of a critical transition in a wetland ecosystem
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Using accelerometer and GPS data for real-life physical activity type detection
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Bathymetric modeling from satellite imagery via single band algorithm (SBA) and principal components analysis (PCA) in southern Caspian Sea
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StellaR: A software to translate Stella models into R open-source environment
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Integrated approach for land use suitability analysis
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Use of intensity analysis to characterize land use/cover change in the biggest Island of Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island, Iran
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Sustainability 11 (16), 4396, 2019
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