Hui YUAN (元辉)
Hui YUAN (元辉)
Shandong University & Xidian University & CityU of Hong Kong & De Montfort University
Потвърден имейл адрес: sdu.edu.cn - Начална страница
Machine learning-based coding unit depth decisions for flexible complexity allocation in high efficiency video coding
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Segmentation of white blood cells through nucleus mark watershed operations and mean shift clustering
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Macro-to-micro transformation model for micro-expression recognition
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Cooperative bargaining game-based multiuser bandwidth allocation for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP
H Yuan, X Wei, F Yang, J Xiao, S Kwong
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A hybrid compression framework for color attributes of static 3D point clouds
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A region-wised medium transmission based image dehazing method
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IEEE Access 5, 1735-1742, 2017
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