Evgeny Mavrodiev
Evgeny Mavrodiev
Associate Scientist, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida
Потвърден имейл адрес: ufl.edu
One thousand plant transcriptomes and the phylogenomics of green plants
Nature 574 (7780), 679-685, 2019
Phylogeny and Evolution of the Angiosperms
D Soltis, P Soltis, P Endress, M Chase, S Manchester, W Judd, L Majure, ...
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DE Soltis, PS Soltis, JC Pires, A Kovarik, JA Tate, E Mavrodiev
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Extensive chromosomal variation in a recently formed natural allopolyploid species, Tragopogon miscellus (Asteraceae)
M Chester, JP Gallagher, VV Symonds, AV Cruz da Silva, EV Mavrodiev, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (4), 1176-1181, 2012
Molecular phylogeny of Atripliceae (Chenopodioideae, Chenopodiaceae): implications for systematics, biogeography, flower and fruit evolution, and the origin of C4 photosynthesis
G Kadereit, EV Mavrodiev, EH Zacharias, AP Sukhorukov
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10KP: A phylodiverse genome sequencing plan
S Cheng, M Melkonian, SA Smith, S Brockington, JM Archibald, ...
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Are polyploids really evolutionary dead-ends (again)? A critical reappraisal of Mayrose et al. (2011)
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Phylogenomic mining of the mints reveals multiple mechanisms contributing to the evolution of chemical diversity in Lamiaceae
B Boachon, CR Buell, E Crisovan, N Dudareva, N Garcia, G Godden, ...
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Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution analysis of Saxifragales using a supermatrix approach
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How to handle speciose clades? Mass taxon-sampling as a strategy towards illuminating the natural history of Campanula (Campanuloideae)
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American Journal of Botany 96 (5), 979-988, 2009
At least 23 genera instead of one: The case of Iris L. sl (Iridaceae)
EV Mavrodiev, M Martínez-Azorín, P Dranishnikov, MB Crespo
PLoS One 9 (8), e106459, 2014
Phylogeny, divergence times, and historical biogeography of the angiosperm family Saxifragaceae
J Deng, BT Drew, EV Mavrodiev, MA Gitzendanner, PS Soltis, DE Soltis
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 83, 86-98, 2015
Can a rainbow consist of a single colour? A new comprehensive generic arrangement of the ‘Iris sensu latissimo’clade (Iridaceae), congruent with morphology and molecular data …
MB Crespo, M Martínez-Azorín, EV Mavrodiev
Phytotaxa 358 (3), 300-300, 2018
Phylogenetic relationships in subtribe Scorzonerinae (Asteraceae: Cichorioideae: Cichorieae) based on ITS sequence data
EV Mavrodiev, CE Edwards, DC Albach, MA Gitzendanner, PS Soltis, ...
Taxon 53 (3), 699-712, 2004
Asteraceae (Compositae)
S Zhu, C Yilin, C Yousheng, L Yourun, L Shangwu, G Xuejun, G Tiangang, ...
Flora of China; Science Press: Beijing, China 20, 21, 2011
One-seeded fruits in the core Caryophyllales: their origin and structural diversity
AP Sukhorukov, EV Mavrodiev, M Struwig, MV Nilova, KK Dzhalilova, ...
PLoS One 10 (2), e0117974, 2015
A database-driven approach identifies additional diterpene synthase activities in the mint family (Lamiaceae)
SR Johnson, WW Bhat, J Bibik, A Turmo, B Hamberger, B Hamberger, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 (4), 1349-1362, 2019
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