John R. Busenbark
John R. Busenbark
Associate Professor of Management, University of Notre Dame
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Sample selection bias and Heckman models in strategic management research
ST Certo, JR Busenbark, H Woo, M Semadeni
Strategic Management Journal 37 (13), 2639-2657, 2016
Toward a configurational perspective on the CEO: A review and synthesis of the management literature
JR Busenbark, R Krause, S Boivie, SD Graffin
Journal of Management 42 (1), 234-268, 2016
Omitted variable bias: Examining management research with the impact threshold of a confounding variable (ITCV)
JR Busenbark, H Yoon, DL Gamache, MC Withers
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Foreshadowing as impression management: Illuminating the path for security analysts
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Divided we fall: How ratios undermine research in strategic management
ST Certo, JR Busenbark, M Kalm, JA LePine
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BS in the boardroom: Benevolent sexism and board chair orientations
AG Oliver, R Krause, JR Busenbark, M Kalm
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Shared leadership and gender: all members are equal… but some more than others
MJ Mendez, JR Busenbark
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A review of the internal capital allocation literature: Piecing together the capital allocation puzzle
JR Busenbark, RM Wiseman, M Arrfelt, HS Woo
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A marginal effects approach to interpreting main effects and moderation
JR Busenbark, SD Graffin, RJ Campbell, EY Lee
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How do employees react when their CEO speaks out? Intra-and extra-firm implications of CEO sociopolitical activism
AJ Wowak, JR Busenbark, DC Hambrick
Administrative Science Quarterly 67 (2), 553-593, 2022
Corporate‐level influences on internal capital allocation: The role of financial analyst performance projections
JR Busenbark, M Semadeni, M Arrfelt, MC Withers
Strategic Management Journal, 2021
How the severity gap influences the effect of top actor performance on outcomes following a violation
JR Busenbark, NT Marshall, BP Miller, MD Pfarrer
Strategic Management Journal 40 (12), 2078-2104, 2019
Retaining problems or solutions? The post‐acquisition performance implications of director retention
RJ Campbell, JR Busenbark, SD Graffin, S Boivie
Strategic Management Journal 42 (9), 1716-1733, 2021
Quantifying the robustness of empirical inferences in strategic management: The impact threshold of a confounding variable and robustness of inference to replacement
JR Busenbark, KA Frank, SJ Maroulis, R Xu, Q Lin
Research in Times of Crisis: Research Methods in the Time of Covid-19, 123-150, 2021
How much of a problem is omitted variable bias really? Examining strategy research with the ITCV
JR Busenbark, D Gamache, EH Yoon, ST Certo, MC Withers
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Director departure following political ideology (in) congruence with an incoming CEO
JR Busenbark, J Bundy, MK Chin
Strategic Management Journal 44 (7), 1698-1732, 2023
A Bayesian approach to nested data analysis: A primer for strategic management research
ST Certo, LA Albader, KE Raney, JR Busenbark
Strategic Organization, 14761270211072248, 2022
Organization‐investor fit: The role of temporal preferences in shaping investor attraction and organizational performance
DL Gamache, JR Busenbark, AL Steinbach, EY Lee, J Matusik
Personnel Psychology, 2023
The Role of Firm Performance Aspirations in Managers' Internal Capital Allocation Strategies
JR Busenbark, M Arrfelt, M Semadeni, MC Withers
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How scaling variables by firm size limits knowledge accumulation in strategic management
ST Certo, JR Busenbark, M Kalm, J LePine
Academy of Management Proceedings 2018 (1), 15394, 2018
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