Rodrigo Ribeiro Resende
Rodrigo Ribeiro Resende
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Laboratório de Sinalizaçao
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Cholinergic receptor pathways involved in apoptosis, cell proliferation and neuronal differentiation
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Human adult stem cells from diverse origins: an overview from multiparametric immunophenotyping to clinical applications
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DNA and RNA aptamers: from tools for basic research towards therapeutic applications
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Angiotensin-(1-7) Prevents Cardiomyocyte Pathological Remodeling Through a Nitric Oxide/Guanosine 3′, 5′-Cyclic Monophosphate–Dependent Pathway
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Cardiomyocyte-secreted acetylcholine is required for maintenance of homeostasis in the heart
A Roy, WC Fields, C Rocha-Resende, RR Resende, S Guatimosim, ...
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Dysautonomia due to reduced cholinergic neurotransmission causes cardiac remodeling and heart failure
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Influence of spontaneous calcium events on cell-cycle progression in embryonal carcinoma and adult stem cells
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Succinate modulates Ca2+ transient and cardiomyocyte viability through PKA-dependent pathway
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Cell calcium 47 (1), 37-46, 2010
Nucleoplasmic calcium signaling and cell proliferation: calcium signaling in the nucleus
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Cell communication and signaling 11, 1-7, 2013
Facile synthesis of highly dispersed Fe (II)-doped g-C3N4 and its application in Fenton-like catalysis
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Oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene over titanate nanotubes
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Fuel 132, 53-61, 2014
Non-neuronal cholinergic machinery present in cardiomyocytes offsets hypertrophic signals
C Rocha-Resende, A Roy, R Resende, MS Ladeira, A Lara, ...
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 53 (2), 206-216, 2012
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