Richard W. Jobson
Richard W. Jobson
Research Scientist, National Herbarium of New South Wales
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A nonflowering land plant phylogeny inferred from nucleotide sequences of seven chloroplast, mitochondrial, and nuclear genes
YL Qiu, L Li, B Wang, Z Chen, O Dombrovska, J Lee, L Kent, R Li, ...
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Molecular Rates Parallel Diversification Contrasts between Carnivorous Plant Sister Lineages1
RW Jobson, VA Albert
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Molecular evidence for the common origin of snap‐traps among carnivorous plants
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Did RNA editing in plant organellar genomes originate under natural selection or through genetic drift?
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An evolutionary genome scan for longevity-related natural selection in mammals
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Phylogenetic study of the genus Piptadenia (Mimosoideae: Leguminosae) using plastid trnL-F and trnK/matK sequence data
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Adaptive evolution of cytochrome c oxidase: Infrastructure for a carnivorous plant radiation
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The carnivorous bladderwort (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae): a system inflates
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A new model for the evolution of carnivory in the bladderwort plant (Utricularia): adaptive changes in cytochrome c oxidase (COX) provide respiratory power
L Laakkonen, RW Jobson, VA Albert
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Acacia: the case against moving the type to Australia
M Luckow, C Hughes, B Schrire, P Winter, C Fagg, R Fortunato, J Hurter, ...
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Feeding ecology of a carnivorous bladderwort (Utricularia uliginosa, Lentibulariaceae)
RW Jobson, EC Morris
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Laboratory evolution of one disulfide isomerase to resemble another
A Hiniker, G Ren, B Heras, Y Zheng, S Laurinec, RW Jobson, JA Stuckey, ...
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Carnivory and nitrogen supply affect the growth of thebladderwort Utricularia uliginosa
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Apparent longevity-related adaptation of mitochondrial amino acid content is due to nucleotide compositional shifts
RW Jobson, A Dehne-Garcia, N Galtier
Mitochondrion 10 (5), 540-547, 2010
A phylogenetic study of subgenus Polypompholyx: a parallel radiation of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) throughout Australasia
MS Reut, RW Jobson
Australian Systematic Botany 23 (3), 152-161, 2010
Systematics and evolution of Lentibulariaceae: III. Utricularia
RW Jobson, PC Baleeiro, C Guisande
Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, ecology, and evolution, 89-104, 2018
Amino acid compositional shifts during streptophyte transitions to terrestrial habitats
RW Jobson, YL Qiu
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Molecular phylogeny of subgenus Polypompholyx (Utricularia; Lentibulariaceae) based on three plastid markers: diversification and proposal for a new section
RW Jobson, PC Baleeiro, MS Reut
Australian Systematic Botany 30 (3), 259-278, 2017
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