Jean Mariani
Jean Mariani
professor Sorbonne Universite
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Evidence for a multiple innervation of Purkinje cells by climbing fibers in the immature rat cerebellum
F Crepel, J Mariani, N Delhaye‐Bouchaud
Journal of neurobiology 7 (6), 567-578, 1976
Anatomical, Physiological and biochemical studies of the cerebellum from reeler mutant mouse
J Mariani, F Crepel, K Mikoshiba, JP Changeux, C Sotelo
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The orphan nuclear receptor RORα is a negative regulator of the inflammatory response
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Ontogenesis of olivocerebellar relationships. I. Studies by intracellular recordings of the multiple innervation of Purkinje cells by climbing fibers in the developing rat …
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staggerer phenotype in retinoid-related orphan receptor α-deficient mice
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Inflammatory processes induce beta-amyloid precursor protein changes in mouse brain.
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ATM is a cytoplasmic protein in mouse brain required to prevent lysosomal accumulation
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Specific caspase inhibitor Q‐VD‐OPh prevents neonatal stroke in P7 rat: a role for gender
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Selective inactivation or reconstitution of adenosine A2A receptors in bone marrow cells reveals their significant contribution to the development of ischemic brain …
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Perspectives on episodic-like and episodic memory
BM Pause, A Zlomuzica, K Kinugawa, J Mariani, R Pietrowsky, E Dere
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 7, 33, 2013
Transcriptional regulation of apolipoprotein C-III gene expression by the orphan nuclear receptor RORα
E Raspé, H Duez, P Gervois, C Fiévet, JC Fruchart, S Besnard, J Mariani, ...
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Impaired sequential egocentric and allocentric memories in forebrain-specific–NMDA receptor knock-out mice during a new task dissociating strategies of navigation
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Noncoding RNAs in long-term memory formation
TR Mercer, ME Dinger, J Mariani, KS Kosik, MF Mehler, JS Mattick
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Ceramide‐induced apoptosis in cortical neurons is mediated by an increase in p38 phosphorylation and not by the decrease in ERK phosphorylation
S Willaime, P Vanhoutte, J Caboche, Y Lemaigre‐Dubreuil, J Mariani, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 13 (11), 2037-2046, 2001
In vitro and in vivo evidence for orphan nuclear receptor RORα function in bone metabolism
T Meyer, M Kneissel, J Mariani, B Fournier
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (16), 9197-9202, 2000
Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease with Electroencephalography in a differential framework
N Houmani, F Vialatte, E Gallego-Jutglà, G Dreyfus, VH Nguyen-Michel, ...
PloS one 13 (3), e0193607, 2018
Synapse elimination in the central nervous system: functional significance and cellular mechanisms
AM Lohof, N Delhaye-Bouchard, J Mariani
Reviews in the neurosciences 7 (2), 85-102, 1996
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