Frederic Mercier
Frederic Mercier
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Coupled heat transfer and fluid dynamics modeling of high-temperature SiC solution growth
F Mercier, JM Dedulle, D Chaussende, M Pons
Journal of Crystal Growth 312 (2), 155-163, 2010
Prospects for 3C-SiC bulk crystal growth
D Chaussende, F Mercier, A Boulle, F Conchon, M Soueidan, G Ferro, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 310 (5), 976-981, 2008
Raman scattering from single crystals
F Mercier, O Chaix-Pluchery, T Ouisse, D Chaussende
Applied Physics Letters 98 (8), 081912, 2011
Niobium nitride thin films deposited by high temperature chemical vapor deposition
F Mercier, S Coindeau, S Lay, A Crisci, M Benz, T Encinas, R Boichot, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 260, 126-132, 2014
High temperature chemical vapor deposition of aluminum nitride, growth and evaluation
M Pons, R Boichot, N Coudurier, A Claudel, E Blanquet, S Lay, F Mercier, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 230, 111-118, 2013
Role of surface effects on silicon carbide polytype stability
F Mercier, S Nishizawa
Journal of crystal growth 360, 189-192, 2012
Thermodynamical analysis of polytype stability during PVT growth of SiC using 2D nucleation theory
T Shiramomo, B Gao, F Mercier, S Nishizawa, S Nakano, Y Kangawa, ...
Journal of crystal growth 352 (1), 177-180, 2012
Study of the effect of doped impurities on polytype stability during PVT growth of SiC using 2D nucleation theory
T Shiramomo, B Gao, F Mercier, S Nishizawa, S Nakano, K Kakimoto
Journal of crystal growth 385, 95-99, 2014
Epitaxial growth of AlN on c-plane sapphire by High Temperature Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy: Influence of the gas phase N/Al ratio and low temperature protective layer
R Boichot, N Coudurier, F Mercier, S Lay, A Crisci, S Coindeau, A Claudel, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 237, 118-125, 2013
Morphological instabilities induced by foreign particles and Ehrlich-Schwoebel effect during the two-dimensional growth of crystalline TiSiC
F Mercier, T Ouisse, D Chaussende
Physical Review B 83 (7), 075411, 2011
Numerical investigation of the growth rate enhancement of SiC crystal growth from silicon melts
F Mercier, S Nishizawa
Japanese journal of applied physics 50 (3R), 035603, 2011
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium nitride thin films: Kinetics and experiments
J Su, R Boichot, E Blanquet, F Mercier, M Pons
CrystEngComm 21 (26), 3974-3981, 2019
Solution growth of SiC from silicon melts: Influence of the alternative magnetic field on fluid dynamics
F Mercier, S Nishizawa
Journal of crystal growth 318 (1), 385-388, 2011
Comparative numerical study of the effects of rotating and traveling magnetic fields on the carbon transport in the solution growth of SiC crystals
F Mercier, S Nishizawa
Journal of crystal growth 362, 99-102, 2013
A chemical vapor deposition route to epitaxial superconducting NbTiN thin films
N Tsavdaris, D Harza, S Coindeau, G Renou, F Robaut, E Sarigiannidou, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (14), 5824-5830, 2017
High temperature properties of AlN coatings deposited by chemical vapor deposition for solar central receivers
D Chen, J Colas, F Mercier, R Boichot, L Charpentier, C Escape, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 377, 124872, 2019
Epitaxial growth of AlN on (0001) sapphire: assessment of HVPE process by a design of experiments approach
R Boichot, D Chen, F Mercier, F Baillet, G Giusti, T Coughlan, M Chubarov, ...
Coatings 7 (9), 136, 2017
Superconducting properties of NbTiN thin films deposited by high-temperature chemical vapor deposition
D Hazra, N Tsavdaris, A Mukhtarova, M Jacquemin, F Blanchet, R Albert, ...
Physical Review B 97 (14), 144518, 2018
A TEM study of in-grown stacking faults in 3C-SiC layers grown by CF-PVT on 4H-SiC substrates
M Marinova, F Mercier, A Mantzari, I Galben, D Chaussende, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 404 (23-24), 4749-4751, 2009
Nucleation and growth of 3C-SiC single crystals from the vapor phase
D Chaussende, J Eid, F Mercier, R Madar, M Pons
Materials Science Forum 615, 31-36, 2009
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