Bruce H. Robinson
Bruce H. Robinson
Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington
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Low (sub-1-volt) halfwave voltage polymeric electro-optic modulators achieved by controlling chromophore shape
Y Shi, C Zhang, H Zhang, JH Bechtel, LR Dalton, BH Robinson, ...
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Monte Carlo statistical mechanical simulations of the competition of intermolecular electrostatic and poling-field interactions in defining macroscopic electro-optic activity …
BH Robinson, LR Dalton
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BH Robinson, LR Dalton, AW Harper, A Ren, F Wang, C Zhang, ...
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The role of London forces in defining noncentrosymmetric order of high dipole moment–high hyperpolarizability chromophores in electrically poled polymeric thin films
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The design of a biochip: a self-assembling molecular-scale memory device
BH Robinson, NC Seeman
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Rational Enhancement of Second-Order Nonlinearity: Bis-(4-methoxyphenyl)hetero-aryl-amino Donor-Based Chromophores: Design, Synthesis, and Electrooptic …
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Organic electro-optic materials
L Dalton
Conjugated Polymers, 299-327, 2019
Molecular dynamics in liquids: spin-lattice relaxation of nitroxide spin labels
BH Robinson, DA Haas, C Mailer
Science 263 (5146), 490-493, 1994
Optimizing calculations of electronic excitations and relative hyperpolarizabilities of electrooptic chromophores
LE Johnson, LR Dalton, BH Robinson
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Silicon–organic and plasmonic–organic hybrid photonics
W Heni, Y Kutuvantavida, C Haffner, H Zwickel, C Kieninger, S Wolf, ...
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WK Liu, KM Whitaker, AL Smith, KR Kittilstved, BH Robinson, DR Gamelin
Physical review letters 98 (18), 186804, 2007
Linewidth analysis of spin labels in liquids: I. Theory and data analysis
BH Robinson, C Mailer, AW Reese
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 138 (2), 199-209, 1999
Site-specific incorporation of nitroxide spin-labels into internal sites of the TAR RNA; structure-dependent dynamics of RNA by EPR spectroscopy
TE Edwards, TM Okonogi, BH Robinson, ST Sigurdsson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (7), 1527-1528, 2001
Comparison of static first hyperpolarizabilities calculated with various quantum mechanical methods
CM Isborn, A Leclercq, FD Vila, LR Dalton, JL Brédas, BE Eichinger, ...
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Docking phospholipase A2 on membranes using electrostatic potential-modulated spin relaxation magnetic resonance
Y Lin, R Nielsen, D Murray, WL Hubbell, C Mailer, BH Robinson, MH Gelb
Science 279 (5358), 1925-1929, 1998
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