Timothy J. Hazen
Timothy J. Hazen
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JUPlTER: a telephone-based conversational interface for weather information
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Robust speaker recognition in noisy conditions
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Query-by-example spoken term detection using phonetic posteriorgram templates
TJ Hazen, W Shen, C White
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Recognition confidence scoring and its use in speech understanding systems
TJ Hazen, S Seneff, J Polifroni
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Recent progress in the MIT spoken lecture processing project
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Discriminative training for large-vocabulary speech recognition using minimum classification error
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Retrieval and browsing of spoken content
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A segment-based audio-visual speech recognizer: Data collection, development, and initial experiments
TJ Hazen, K Saenko, CH La, JR Glass
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Analysis and processing of lecture audio data: Preliminary investigations
J Glass, TJ Hazen, L Hetherington, C Wang
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Open-vocabulary spoken utterance retrieval using confusion networks
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Word and phone level acoustic confidence scoring
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Real-time telephone-based speech recognition in the Jupiter domain
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Automatic language identification using a segment-based approach
TJ Hazen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993
Automatic processing of audio lectures for information retrieval: Vocabulary selection and language modeling
A Park, TJ Hazen, JR Glass
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Automatic alignment and error correction of human generated transcripts for long speech recordings.
TJ Hazen
ASR dependent techniques for speaker identification.
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Segment-based automatic language identification
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A comparison and combination of methods for OOV word detection and word confidence scoring
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Visual model structures and synchrony constraints for audio-visual speech recognition
TJ Hazen
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The MIT mobile device speaker verification corpus: Data collection and preliminary experiments
RH Woo, A Park, TJ Hazen
Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop, 2006. IEEE Odyssey 2006: The, 1-6, 2006
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