Benjamin I Cook
Benjamin I Cook
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
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Unprecedented 21st century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains
BI Cook, TR Ault, JE Smerdon
Science Advances 1 (1), e1400082, 2015
Warming experiments underpredict plant phenological responses to climate change
EM Wolkovich, BI Cook, JM Allen, TM Crimmins, JL Betancourt, ...
Nature, 2012
Global warming and 21 st century drying
BI Cook, JE Smerdon, R Seager, S Coats
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Predicting phenology by integrating ecology, evolution and climate science
S Pau, EM Wolkovich, BI Cook, TJ Davies, NJB Kraft, K Bolmgren, ...
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Divergent responses to spring and winter warming drive community level flowering trends
BI Cook, EM Wolkovich, C Parmesan
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Effects of global irrigation on the near-surface climate
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Spatiotemporal drought variability in the Mediterranean over the last 900 years
BI Cook, KJ Anchukaitis, R Touchan, DM Meko, ER Cook
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Projections of declining surface-water availability for the southwestern United States
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Assessing the evolving fragility of the global food system
MJ Puma, S Bose, SY Chon, BI Cook
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Using palaeo-climate comparisons to constrain future projections in CMIP5
GA Schmidt, JD Annan, PJ Bartlein, BI Cook, É Guilyardi, JC Hargreaves, ...
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Large contribution from anthropogenic warming to an emerging North American megadrought
AP Williams, ER Cook, JE Smerdon, BI Cook, JT Abatzoglou, K Bolles, ...
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Temporal ecology in the Anthropocene
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Phylogenetic conservatism in plant phenology
TJ Davies, EM Wolkovich, NJB Kraft, N Salamin, JM Allen, TR Ault, ...
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The response of the North American Monsoon to increased greenhouse gas forcing
BI Cook, R Seager
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The Mexican Drought Atlas: Tree-ring reconstructions of the soil moisture balance during the late pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern eras
DW Stahle, ER Cook, DJ Burnette, J Villanueva, J Cerano, JN Burns, ...
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Relative impacts of mitigation, temperature, and precipitation on 21st-century megadrought risk in the American Southwest
TR Ault, JS Mankin, BI Cook, JE Smerdon
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Model, proxy and isotopic perspectives on the East African Humid Period
JE Tierney, SC Lewis, BI Cook, AN LeGrande, GA Schmidt
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 307 (1-2), 103-112, 2011
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