Moon-Ho Ham
Moon-Ho Ham
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Understanding and controlling the substrate effect on graphene electron-transfer chemistry via reactivity imprint lithography
QH Wang, Z Jin, KK Kim, AJ Hilmer, GLC Paulus, CJ Shih, MH Ham, ...
Nature chemistry 4 (9), 724-732, 2012
Virus-templated self-assembled single-walled carbon nanotubes for highly efficient electron collection in photovoltaic devices
X Dang, H Yi, MH Ham, J Qi, DS Yun, R Ladewski, MS Strano, ...
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Bi-and trilayer graphene solutions
CJ Shih, A Vijayaraghavan, R Krishnan, R Sharma, JH Han, MH Ham, ...
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M13 phage-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes as nanoprobes for second near-infrared window fluorescence imaging of targeted tumors
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MC Jeong, BY Oh, MH Ham, JM Myoung
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K Kalantar-zadeh, A Vijayaraghavan, MH Ham, H Zheng, M Breedon, ...
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Elevated Temperature Anodized Nb2O5: A Photoanode Material with Exceptionally Large Photoconversion Efficiencies
JZ Ou, RA Rani, MH Ham, MR Field, Y Zhang, H Zheng, P Reece, ...
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Sub‐10 nm Graphene Nanoribbon Array Field‐Effect Transistors Fabricated by Block Copolymer Lithography
JG Son, M Son, KJ Moon, BH Lee, JM Myoung, MS Strano, MH Ham, ...
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ZnO-nanowire-inserted GaN/ZnO heterojunction light-emitting diodes
MC Jeong, BY Oh, MH Ham, SW Lee, JM Myoung
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Lowering the Schottky Barrier Height by Graphene/Ag Electrodes for High‐Mobility MoS2 Field‐Effect Transistors
SS Chee, D Seo, H Kim, H Jang, S Lee, SP Moon, KH Lee, SW Kim, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (2), 1804422, 2019
Photoelectrochemical complexes for solar energy conversion that chemically and autonomously regenerate
MH Ham, JH Choi, AA Boghossian, ES Jeng, RA Graff, DA Heller, ...
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Low-temperature-grown continuous graphene films from benzene by chemical vapor deposition at ambient pressure
J Jang, M Son, S Chung, K Kim, C Cho, BH Lee, MH Ham
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Selective alignment of a ZnO nanowire in a magnetic field for the fabrication of an air-gap field-effect transistor
SW Lee, MH Ham, JP Kar, W Lee, JM Myoung
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Enhanced desalination performance of forward osmosis membranes based on reduced graphene oxide laminates coated with hydrophilic polydopamine
E Yang, CM Kim, J Song, H Ki, MH Ham, IS Kim
Carbon 117, 293-300, 2017
Tunable semi-permeability of graphene-based membranes by adjusting reduction degree of laminar graphene oxide layer
E Yang, MH Ham, HB Park, CM Kim, J Song, IS Kim
Journal of Membrane Science 547, 73-79, 2018
Novel sulfonated graphene oxide incorporated polysulfone nanocomposite membranes for enhanced-performance in ultrafiltration process
Y Kang, M Obaid, J Jang, MH Ham, IS Kim
Chemosphere 207, 581-589, 2018
Mechanical and electrical properties of NbMoTaW refractory high-entropy alloy thin films
H Kim, S Nam, A Roh, M Son, MH Ham, JH Kim, H Choi
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Evidence for high-efficiency exciton dissociation at polymer/single-walled carbon nanotube interfaces in planar nano-heterojunction photovoltaics
MH Ham, GLC Paulus, CY Lee, C Song, K Kalantar-Zadeh, W Choi, ...
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Effects of the channel thickness on the structural and electrical characteristics of room-temperature fabricated ZnO thin-film transistors
BY Oh, MC Jeong, MH Ham, JM Myoung
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Exciton antennas and concentrators from core–shell and corrugated carbon nanotube filaments of homogeneous composition
JH Han, GLC Paulus, R Maruyama, DA Heller, WJ Kim, PW Barone, ...
Nature Materials 9 (10), 833-839, 2010
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