Igor Yakovlev
Igor Yakovlev
Senior researcher in forest and molecular genetics
Потвърден имейл адрес: skogoglandskap.no
Validating internal controls for quantitative plant gene expression studies
AM Brunner, IA Yakovlev, SH Strauss
BMC plant biology 4 (1), 14, 2004
Insight into trade‐off between wood decay and parasitism from the genome of a fungal forest pathogen
Å Olson, A Aerts, F Asiegbu, L Belbahri, O Bouzid, A Broberg, B Canbäck, ...
New Phytologist 194 (4), 1001-1013, 2012
MicroRNAs, the epigenetic memory and climatic adaptation in Norway spruce
IA Yakovlev, CG Fossdal, Ø Johnsen
New Phytologist 187 (4), 1154-1169, 2010
Dehydrins expression related to timing of bud burst in Norway spruce
IA Yakovlev, DKA Asante, CG Fossdal, J Partanen, O Junttila, Ø Johnsen
Planta 228 (3), 459-472, 2008
Differential gene expression related to an epigenetic memory affecting climatic adaptation in Norway spruce
IA Yakovlev, DKA Asante, CG Fossdal, O Junttila, Ø Johnsen
Plant Science 180 (1), 132-139, 2011
Analysis of gene expression during bud burst initiation in Norway spruce via ESTs from subtracted cDNA libraries
IA Yakovlev, CG Fossdal, Ø Johnsen, O Junttila, T Skrøppa
Tree Genetics & Genomes 2 (1), 39-52, 2006
Temperature-dependent differential transcriptomes during formation of an epigenetic memory in Norway spruce embryogenesis
IA Yakovlev, YK Lee, B Rotter, JE Olsen, T Skrøppa, Ø Johnsen, ...
Tree genetics & genomes 10 (2), 355-366, 2014
Highly variable SSR markers in Douglas-fir: Mendelian inheritance and map locations
GT Slavov, GT Howe, I Yakovlev, KJ Edwards, KV Krutovskii, GA Tuskan, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 108 (5), 873-880, 2004
Genetic differentiation of oak populations within the Quercus robur/Quercus petraea complex in Central and Eastern Europe
D Gömöry, I Yakovlev, P Zhelev, J Jedináková, L Paule
Heredity 86 (5), 557, 2001
Substrate-specific transcription of the enigmatic GH61 family of the pathogenic white-rot fungus Heterobasidion irregulare during growth on lignocellulose
I Yakovlev, G Vaaje-Kolstad, AM Hietala, E Stefańczyk, H Solheim, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 95 (4), 979-990, 2012
An adaptive epigenetic memory in conifers with important implications for seed production
I Yakovlev, CG Fossdal, T Skrøppa, JE Olsen, AH Jahren, Ø Johnsen
Seed Science Research 22 (2), 63-76, 2012
Dehydrins in maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) and their expression related to drought stress response
T Velasco-Conde, I Yakovlev, JP Majada, I Aranda, Ø Johnsen
Tree Genetics & Genomes 8 (5), 957-973, 2012
Transcriptional profiling of epigenetic regulators in somatic embryos during temperature induced formation of an epigenetic memory in Norway spruce
IA Yakovlev, E Carneros, YK Lee, JE Olsen, CG Fossdal
Planta 243 (5), 1237-1249, 2016
Genes associated with lignin degradation in the polyphagous white-rot pathogen Heterobasidion irregulare show substrate-specific regulation
IA Yakovlev, AM Hietala, PE Courty, T Lundell, H Solheim, CG Fossdal
Fungal genetics and biology 56, 17-24, 2013
Defence-related gene expression in bark and sapwood of Norway spruce in response to Heterobasidion parviporum and methyl jasmonate
N Yaqoob, IA Yakovlev, P Krokene, H Kvaalen, H Solheim, CG Fossdal
Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 77 (1), 10-16, 2012
Genetic differentiation of pedunculate oak Quercus robur L. in the European part of Russia based on RAPD markers
IA Yakovlev, J Kleinschmidt
Russian Journal of Genetics 38 (2), 148-155, 2002
Drought affects tracheid structure, dehydrin expression, and above-and belowground growth in 5-year-old Norway spruce
TD Eldhuset, NE Nagy, D Volařík, I Børja, R Gebauer, IA Yakovlev, ...
Plant and soil 366 (1-2), 305-320, 2013
An epigenetic memory from time of embryo development affects climatic adaptation in Norway spruce
Ø Johnsen, H Kvaalen, IA Yakovlev, OG Dæhlen, CG Fossdal, T Skrøppa
Plant cold hardiness. From the laboratory to the field. CABI, Wallingford …, 2009
Gene expression changes during short day induced terminal bud formation in Norway spruce
DKA Asante, IA Yakovlev, CG Fossdal, A Holefors, L Opseth, JE Olsen, ...
Plant, cell & environment 34 (2), 332-346, 2011
Local and systemic changes in expression of resistance genes, nb-lrr genes and their putative microRNAs in Norway spruce after wounding and inoculation with the pathogen …
CG Fossdal, N Yaqoob, P Krokene, H Kvaalen, H Solheim, IA Yakovlev
BMC plant biology 12 (1), 105, 2012
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