Siyu Chen
Siyu Chen
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Nonlinear dynamic characteristics of geared rotor bearing systems with dynamic backlash and friction
C Siyu, T Jinyuan, L Caiwang, W Qibo
Mechanism and machine theory 46 (4), 466-478, 2011
A cooperative copper metal–organic framework‐hydrogel system improves wound healing in diabetes
J Xiao, S Chen, J Yi, HF Zhang, GA Ameer
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Visible light optical coherence tomography measures retinal oxygen metabolic response to systemic oxygenation
J Yi, W Liu, S Chen, V Backman, N Sheibani, CM Sorenson, AA Fawzi, ...
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Treatment for premenstrual syndrome with Vitex agnus castus: A prospective, randomized, multi-center placebo controlled study in China
Z He, R Chen, Y Zhou, L Geng, Z Zhang, S Chen, Y Yao, J Lu, S Lin
Maturitas 63 (1), 99-103, 2009
Modeling the transport and radiative forcing of Taklimakan dust over the Tibetan Plateau: A case study in the summer of 2006
S Chen, J Huang, C Zhao, Y Qian, LR Leung, B Yang
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 118 (2), 797-812, 2013
Uncertainty in modeling dust mass balance and radiative forcing from size parameterization
C Zhao, S Chen, LR Leung, Y Qian, JF Kok, RA Zaveri, J Huang
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (21), 10733-10753, 2013
Dielectric properties and thermal conductivity of epoxy composites using quantum-sized silver decorated core/shell structured alumina/polydopamine
Z Wang, M Yang, Y Cheng, J Liu, B Xiao, S Chen, J Huang, Q Xie, G Wu, ...
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 118, 302-311, 2019
Regional modeling of dust mass balance and radiative forcing over East Asia using WRF-Chem
S Chen, C Zhao, Y Qian, LR Leung, J Huang, Z Huang, J Bi, W Zhang, ...
Aeolian Research 15, 15-30, 2014
Comparison of dust emissions, transport, and deposition between the Taklimakan Desert and Gobi Desert from 2007 to 2011
SY Chen, JP Huang, JX Li, R Jia, NX Jiang, LT Kang, XJ Ma, TT Xie
Science China Earth Sciences 60 (7), 1338-1355, 2017
Sustained release of stromal cell derived factor-1 from an antioxidant thermoresponsive hydrogel enhances dermal wound healing in diabetes
Y Zhu, R Hoshi, S Chen, J Yi, C Duan, RD Galiano, HF Zhang, GA Ameer
Journal of Controlled Release 238, 114-122, 2016
Photoacoustic probe using a microring resonator ultrasonic sensor for endoscopic applications
B Dong, S Chen, Z Zhang, C Sun, HF Zhang
Optics letters 39 (15), 4372-4375, 2014
Photodynamic-therapy activates immune response by disrupting immunity homeostasis of tumor cells, which generates vaccine for cancer therapy
Y Zheng, G Yin, V Le, A Zhang, S Chen, X Liang, J Liu
International journal of biological sciences 12 (1), 120, 2016
Long-term trends of dust events over Tibetan Plateau during 1961–2010
L Kang, J Huang, S Chen, X Wang
Atmospheric Environment 125, 188-198, 2016
Isometric multimodal photoacoustic microscopy based on optically transparent micro-ring ultrasonic detection
B Dong, H Li, Z Zhang, K Zhang, S Chen, C Sun, HF Zhang
Optica 2 (2), 169-176, 2015
Top slag refining for inclusion composition transform control in tire cord steel
S Chen, M Jiang, X He, X Wang
International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy, and Materials 19 (6), 490-498, 2012
Emission, transport, and radiative effects of mineral dust from the Taklimakan and Gobi deserts: comparison of measurements and model results
S Chen, J Huang, L Kang, H Wang, X Ma, Y He, T Yuan, B Yang, Z Huang, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (3), 2401-2421, 2017
In vivo functional microangiography by visible-light optical coherence tomography
J Yi, S Chen, V Backman, HF Zhang
Biomedical optics express 5 (10), 3603-3612, 2014
Human retinal imaging using visible-light optical coherence tomography guided by scanning laser ophthalmoscopy
J Yi, S Chen, X Shu, AA Fawzi, HF Zhang
Biomedical optics express 6 (10), 3701-3713, 2015
Stability analysis of governor-turbine-hydraulic system by state space method and graph theory
X Yu, J Zhang, C Fan, S Chen
Energy 114, 613-622, 2016
Effects of tooth profile modification on dynamic responses of a high speed gear-rotor-bearing system
Z Hu, J Tang, J Zhong, S Chen, H Yan
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 76, 294-318, 2016
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