Aaron Cowieson
Aaron Cowieson
Principal Scientist, DSM Nutritional Products
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Board-invited review: opportunities and challenges in using exogenous enzymes to improve nonruminant animal production
O Adeola, AJ Cowieson
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Carbohydrases, protease, and phytase have an additive beneficial effect in nutritionally marginal diets for broiler chicks
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AJ Cowieson
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Avian liver: the forgotten organ
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AJ Cowieson, MR Bedford
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Supplementation of corn–soy-based diets with an Eschericia coli-derived phytase: effects on broiler chick performance and the digestibility of amino acids and metabolizability …
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Strategic selection of exogenous enzymes for corn/soy-based poultry diets
AJ Cowieson
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Effect of phytic acid and microbial phytase on the flow and amino acid composition of endogenous protein at the terminal ileum of growing broiler chickens
AJ Cowieson, V Ravindran
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Interactions of phytate and myo-inositol phosphate esters (IP1-5) including IP5 isomers with dietary protein and iron and inhibition of pepsin
S Yu, A Cowieson, C Gilbert, P Plumstead, S Dalsgaard
Journal of Animal Science 90 (6), 1824-1832, 2012
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