Russel Caflisch
Russel Caflisch
Professor of Mathematics and Director, Courant Institute, NYU
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Monte carlo and quasi-monte carlo methods
RE Caflisch
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Quasi-monte carlo integration
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Valuation of morgage backed securities using Brownian bridges to reduce effective dimension
RE Caflisch
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Quasi-random sequences and their discrepancies
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Effective equations for wave propagation in bubbly liquids
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The fluid dynamic limit of the nonlinear Boltzmann equation
RE Caflisch
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Zero Viscosity Limit for Analytic Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equation on a Half-Space.¶ II. Construction of the Navier-Stokes Solution
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Variance in the sedimentation speed of a suspension
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Remarks on singularities, dimension and energy dissipation for ideal hydrodynamics and MHD
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A level set approach for the numerical simulation of dendritic growth
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The Milne and Kramers problems for the Boltzmann equation of a hard sphere gas
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Uniformly accurate schemes for hyperbolic systems with relaxation
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Smoothness and dimension reduction in quasi-Monte Carlo methods
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Sparse dynamics for partial differential equations
H Schaeffer, R Caflisch, CD Hauck, S Osher
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Compressed modes for variational problems in mathematics and physics
V Ozoliņš, R Lai, R Caflisch, S Osher
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Singular solutions and ill-posedness for the evolution of vortex sheets
RE Caflisch, OF Orellana
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The Boltzmann equation with a soft potential: I. Linear, spatially-homogeneous
RE Caflisch
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Global existence, singular solutions, and ill‐posedness for the Muskat problem
M Siegel, RE Caflisch, S Howison
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Journal Issued by the …, 2004
Level-set method for island dynamics in epitaxial growth
C Ratsch, MF Gyure, RE Caflisch, F Gibou, M Petersen, M Kang, J Garcia, ...
Physical Review B 65 (19), 195403, 2002
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