Sang-Il Choi
Sang-Il Choi
Department of Chemistry, Kyungpook National University
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Platinum-based nanocages with subnanometer-thick walls and well-defined, controllable facets
L Zhang, LT Roling, X Wang, M Vara, M Chi, J Liu, SI Choi, J Park, ...
Science 349 (6246), 412-416, 2015
Synthesis and Characterization of 9 nm Pt–Ni Octahedra with a Record High Activity of 3.3 A/mgPt for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
SI Choi, S Xie, M Shao, JH Odell, N Lu, HC Peng, L Protsailo, S Guerrero, ...
Nano letters 13 (7), 3420-3425, 2013
Morphology‐controlled metal sulfides and phosphides for electrochemical water splitting
J Joo, T Kim, J Lee, SI Choi, K Lee
Advanced materials 31 (14), 1806682, 2019
Atomic layer-by-layer deposition of Pt on Pd nanocubes for catalysts with enhanced activity and durability toward oxygen reduction
S Xie, SI Choi, N Lu, LT Roling, JA Herron, L Zhang, J Park, J Wang, ...
Nano letters 14 (6), 3570-3576, 2014
Palladium–platinum core-shell icosahedra with substantially enhanced activity and durability towards oxygen reduction
X Wang, SI Choi, LT Roling, M Luo, C Ma, L Zhang, M Chi, J Liu, Z Xie, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 7594, 2015
Facile synthesis of sub-20 nm silver nanowires through a bromide-mediated polyol method
RR Da Silva, M Yang, SI Choi, M Chi, M Luo, C Zhang, ZY Li, ...
ACS nano 10 (8), 7892-7900, 2016
Ultrathin free‐standing ternary‐alloy nanosheets
JW Hong, Y Kim, DH Wi, S Lee, SU Lee, YW Lee, SI Choi, SW Han
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (8), 2753-2758, 2016
Electrochemical surface area measurements of platinum-and palladium-based nanoparticles
M Shao, JH Odell, SI Choi, Y Xia
Electrochemistry Communications 31, 46-48, 2013
Atomic layer-by-layer deposition of platinum on palladium octahedra for enhanced catalysts toward the oxygen reduction reaction
J Park, L Zhang, SI Choi, LT Roling, N Lu, JA Herron, S Xie, J Wang, ...
ACS nano 9 (3), 2635-2647, 2015
Synthesis and characterization of Pd@ Pt–Ni core–shell octahedra with high activity toward oxygen reduction
SI Choi, M Shao, N Lu, A Ruditskiy, HC Peng, J Park, S Guerrero, J Wang, ...
Acs Nano 8 (10), 10363-10371, 2014
Polyol synthesis of ultrathin Pd nanowires via attachment‐based growth and their enhanced activity towards formic acid oxidation
Y Wang, SI Choi, X Zhao, S Xie, HC Peng, M Chi, CZ Huang, Y Xia
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (1), 131-139, 2014
Kinetically controlled synthesis of Pt–Cu alloy concave nanocubes with high-index facets for methanol electro-oxidation
Y Qi, T Bian, SI Choi, Y Jiang, C Jin, M Fu, H Zhang, D Yang
Chemical communications 50 (5), 560-562, 2014
Facile synthesis of palladium right bipyramids and their use as seeds for overgrowth and as catalysts for formic acid oxidation
X Xia, SI Choi, JA Herron, N Lu, J Scaranto, HC Peng, J Wang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (42), 15706-15709, 2013
Single‐crystalline hollow face‐centered‐cubic cobalt nanoparticles from solid face‐centered‐cubic cobalt oxide nanoparticles
KM Nam, JH Shim, H Ki, SI Choi, G Lee, JK Jang, Y Jo, MH Jung, H Song, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (49), 9504-9508, 2008
Pd–Cu bimetallic tripods: a mechanistic understanding of the synthesis and their enhanced electrocatalytic activity for formic acid oxidation
L Zhang, SI Choi, J Tao, HC Peng, S Xie, Y Zhu, Z Xie, Y Xia
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (47), 7520-7529, 2014
Preparation and optical properties of colloidal, monodisperse, and highly crystalline ITO nanoparticles
SI Choi, KM Nam, BK Park, WS Seo, JT Park
Chemistry of Materials 20 (8), 2609-2611, 2008
Catalysis on faceted noble-metal nanocrystals: both shape and size matter
S Xie, SI Choi, X Xia, Y Xia
Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 2 (2), 142-150, 2013
Dendrite-embedded platinum–nickel multiframes as highly active and durable electrocatalyst toward the oxygen reduction reaction
H Kwon, MK Kabiraz, J Park, A Oh, H Baik, SI Choi, K Lee
Nano letters 18 (5), 2930-2936, 2018
A comprehensive study of formic acid oxidation on palladium nanocrystals with different types of facets and twin defects
SI Choi, JA Herron, J Scaranto, H Huang, Y Wang, X Xia, T Lv, J Park, ...
ChemCatChem 7 (14), 2077-2084, 2015
Template‐directed rapid synthesis of Pd‐based ultrathin porous intermetallic nanosheets for efficient oxygen reduction
J Guo, L Gao, X Tan, Y Yuan, J Kim, Y Wang, H Wang, YJ Zeng, SI Choi, ...
Angewandte Chemie 133 (19), 11037-11044, 2021
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