Marc Heggen
Marc Heggen
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Compositional segregation in shaped Pt alloy nanoparticles and their structural behaviour during electrocatalysis
C Cui, L Gan, M Heggen, S Rudi, P Strasser
Nature materials 12 (8), 765-771, 2013
Octahedral PtNi nanoparticle catalysts: exceptional oxygen reduction activity by tuning the alloy particle surface composition
C Cui, L Gan, HH Li, SH Yu, M Heggen, P Strasser
Nano letters 12 (11), 5885-5889, 2012
A unique oxygen ligand environment facilitates water oxidation in hole-doped IrNiOx core–shell electrocatalysts
HN Nong, T Reier, HS Oh, M Gliech, P Paciok, THT Vu, D Teschner, ...
Nature Catalysis 1 (11), 841-851, 2018
Core–Shell Compositional Fine Structures of Dealloyed PtxNi1–x Nanoparticles and Their Impact on Oxygen Reduction Catalysis
L Gan, M Heggen, S Rudi, P Strasser
Nano letters 12 (10), 5423-5430, 2012
Size-dependent morphology of dealloyed bimetallic catalysts: linking the nano to the macro scale
M Oezaslan, M Heggen, P Strasser
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (1), 514-524, 2012
Al13Fe4 as a low-cost alternative for palladium in heterogeneous hydrogenation
M Armbrüster, K Kovnir, M Friedrich, D Teschner, G Wowsnick, M Hahne, ...
Nature Materials 11 (8), 690-693, 2012
Synthesis, structure, properties, and applications of bimetallic nanoparticles of noble metals
K Loza, M Heggen, M Epple
Advanced functional materials 30 (21), 1909260, 2020
Element-specific anisotropic growth of shaped platinum alloy nanocrystals
L Gan, C Cui, M Heggen, F Dionigi, S Rudi, P Strasser
Science 346 (6216), 1502-1506, 2014
Understanding and controlling nanoporosity formation for improving the stability of bimetallic fuel cell catalysts
L Gan, M Heggen, R O’Malley, B Theobald, P Strasser
Nano letters 13 (3), 1131-1138, 2013
Visible-light-driven coproduction of diesel precursors and hydrogen from lignocellulose-derived methylfurans
N Luo, T Montini, J Zhang, P Fornasiero, E Fonda, T Hou, W Nie, J Lu, ...
Nature Energy 4 (7), 575-584, 2019
Rh-doped Pt–Ni octahedral nanoparticles: understanding the correlation between elemental distribution, oxygen reduction reaction, and shape stability
V Beermann, M Gocyla, E Willinger, S Rudi, M Heggen, ...
Nano letters 16 (3), 1719-1725, 2016
Creation and annihilation of free volume during homogeneous flow of a metallic glass
M Heggen, F Spaepen, M Feuerbacher
Journal of Applied Physics 97 (3), 2005
Synthesis and catalytic properties of nanoparticulate intermetallic Ga–Pd compounds
M Armbrüster, G Wowsnick, M Friedrich, M Heggen, R Cardoso-Gil
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (23), 9112-9118, 2011
Transport and retention of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in saturated porous media: effects of input concentration and grain size
D Kasel, SA Bradford, J Šimůnek, M Heggen, H Vereecken, E Klumpp
water research 47 (2), 933-944, 2013
Promoting lignin depolymerization and restraining the condensation via an oxidation− hydrogenation strategy
C Zhang, H Li, J Lu, X Zhang, KE MacArthur, M Heggen, F Wang
Acs Catalysis 7 (5), 3419-3429, 2017
Acid-promoter-free ethylene methoxycarbonylation over Ru-clusters/ceria: the catalysis of interfacial Lewis acid–base pair
J An, Y Wang, J Lu, J Zhang, Z Zhang, S Xu, X Liu, T Zhang, M Gocyla, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (11), 4172-4181, 2018
Elemental anisotropic growth and atomic-scale structure of shape-controlled octahedral Pt–Ni–Co alloy nanocatalysts
RM Arán-Ais, F Dionigi, T Merzdorf, M Gocyla, M Heggen, ...
Nano letters 15 (11), 7473-7480, 2015
Room temperature demonstration of a sodium superionic conductor with grain conductivity in excess of 0.01 S cm− 1 and its primary applications in symmetric battery cells
Q Ma, CL Tsai, XK Wei, M Heggen, F Tietz, JTS Irvine
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (13), 7766-7776, 2019
Tuning the electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction activity and stability of shape-controlled Pt–Ni nanoparticles by thermal annealing− elucidating the surface atomic …
V Beermann, M Gocyla, S Kühl, E Padgett, H Schmies, M Goerlin, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (46), 16536-16547, 2017
Retention and remobilization of stabilized silver nanoparticles in an undisturbed loamy sand soil
Y Liang, SA Bradford, J Simunek, M Heggen, H Vereecken, E Klumpp
Environmental science & technology 47 (21), 12229-12237, 2013
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