Yoni Halpern
Yoni Halpern
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A practical algorithm for topic modeling with provable guarantees
S Arora, R Ge, Y Halpern, D Mimno, A Moitra, D Sontag, Y Wu, M Zhu
International conference on machine learning, 280-288, 2013
Learning a health knowledge graph from electronic medical records
M Rotmensch, Y Halpern, A Tlimat, S Horng, D Sontag
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Creating an automated trigger for sepsis clinical decision support at emergency department triage using machine learning
S Horng, DA Sontag, Y Halpern, Y Jernite, NI Shapiro, LA Nathanson
PloS one 12 (4), e0174708, 2017
Electronic medical record phenotyping using the anchor and learn framework
Y Halpern, S Horng, Y Choi, D Sontag
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 23 (4), 731-740, 2016
No classification without representation: Assessing geodiversity issues in open data sets for the developing world
S Shankar, Y Halpern, E Breck, J Atwood, J Wilson, D Sculley
arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.08536, 2017
The UTIAS multi-robot cooperative localization and mapping dataset
KYK Leung, Y Halpern, TD Barfoot, HHT Liu
The International Journal of Robotics Research 30 (8), 969-974, 2011
Using anchors to estimate clinical state without labeled data
Y Halpern, Y Choi, S Horng, D Sontag
AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings 2014, 606, 2014
Fairness is not static: deeper understanding of long term fairness via simulation studies
A D'Amour, H Srinivasan, J Atwood, P Baljekar, D Sculley, Y Halpern
Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and …, 2020
Electronic phenotyping with APHRODITE and the Observational Health Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) data network
JM Banda, Y Halpern, D Sontag, NH Shah
AMIA Summits on Translational Science Proceedings 2017, 48, 2017
Unsupervised learning of noisy-or bayesian networks
Y Halpern, D Sontag
arXiv preprint arXiv:1309.6834, 2013
A comparison of dimensionality reduction techniques for unstructured clinical text
Y Halpern, S Horng, LA Nathanson, NI Shapiro, D Sontag
Icml 2012 workshop on clinical data analysis 6, 2012
Discovering hidden variables in noisy-or networks using quartet tests
Y Jernite, Y Halpern, D Sontag
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 26, 2355-2363, 2013
Predicting chief complaints at triage time in the emergency department
Y Jernite, Y Halpern, S Horng, D Sontag
NIPS 2013 Workshop on Machine Learning for Clinical Data Analysis and Healthcare, 2013
Learning topic models--provably and efficiently
S Arora, R Ge, Y Halpern, D Mimno, A Moitra, D Sontag, Y Wu, M Zhu
Communications of the ACM 61 (4), 85-93, 2018
Clinical tagging with joint probabilistic models
Y Halpern, S Horng, D Sontag
Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference, 209-225, 2016
The inclusive images competition
J Atwood, Y Halpern, P Baljekar, E Breck, D Sculley, P Ostyakov, ...
The NeurIPS'18 Competition, 155-186, 2020
Improving documentation of presenting problems in the emergency department using a domain-specific ontology and machine learning-driven user interfaces
NR Greenbaum, Y Jernite, Y Halpern, S Calder, LA Nathanson, ...
International journal of medical informatics 132, 103981, 2019
Contextual autocomplete: a novel user interface using machine learning to improve ontology usage and structured data capture for presenting problems in the emergency department
NR Greenbaum, Y Jernite, Y Halpern, S Calder, LA Nathanson, D Sontag, ...
BioRxiv, 127092, 2017
Empirical study of the benefits of overparameterization in learning latent variable models
RD Buhai, Y Halpern, Y Kim, A Risteski, D Sontag
International Conference on Machine Learning, 1211-1219, 2020
Anchored discrete factor analysis
Y Halpern, S Horng, D Sontag
arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.03299, 2015
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