Mark Schwarzländer
Mark Schwarzländer
Professor for Entomology, University of Idaho
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Classical biological control for the protection of natural ecosystems
RG Van Driesche, RI Carruthers, T Center, MS Hoddle, ...
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Biological control of weeds: A world catalogue of agents and their target weeds.
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Inference of allelopathy is complicated by effects of activated carbon on plant growth
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Comparing invasive plants from their native and exotic range: what can we learn for biological control? 1
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Successes we may not have had: a retrospective analysis of selected weed biological control agents in the United States
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How safe is weed biological control? A global review of direct nontarget attack
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Endophytes influence protection and growth of an invasive plant
G Newcombe, A Shipunov, SD Eigenbrode, AKH Raghavendra, H Ding, ...
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Biogeographical comparison of the arthropod herbivore communities associated with Lepidium draba in its native, expanded and introduced ranges
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Extreme differences in population structure and genetic diversity for three invasive congeners: knotweeds in western North America
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MG Cripps, HL Hinz, JL McKenney, WJ Price, M Schwarzländer
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No difference in competitive ability between invasive North American and native European Lepidium draba populations
JL McKenney, MG Cripps, WJ Price, HL Hinz, M Schwarzländer
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Induced chemical defenses in invasive plants: a case study with Cynoglossum officinale L.
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Comparative survey of the phytophagous arthropod faunas associated with Lepidium draba in Europe and the western United States, and the potential for …
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Post‐introduction evolution in the biological control agent Longitarsus jacobaeae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
M Szűcs, U Schaffner, WJ Price, M Schwarzländer
Evolutionary Applications 5 (8), 858-868, 2012
Hybrid vigor in the biological control agent, Longitarsus jacobaeae
M Szűcs, SD Eigenbrode, M Schwarzländer, U Schaffner
Evolutionary Applications 5 (5), 489-497, 2012
Bionomics of Mogulones cruciger (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a Below-Ground Herbivore for the Biological Control of Hound's-Tongue
M Schwarzlaender
Environmental Entomology 26 (2), 357-365, 1997
Impact of Archanara geminipuncta (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on aboveground biomass production of Phragmites australis
P Häfliger, M Schwarzländer, B Blossey
Biological Control 38 (3), 413-421, 2006
Propagule pressure, genetic structure, and geographic origins of Chondrilla juncea (Asteraceae): An apomictic invader on three continents
JF Gaskin, M Schwarzländer, CL Kinter, JF Smith, SJ Novak
American Journal of Botany 100 (9), 1871-1882, 2013
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