Flandin Grégory
Flandin Grégory
IRT Saint Exupéry
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Eye-in-hand/eye-to-hand cooperation for visual servoing
G Flandin, F Chaumette, E Marchand
Proceedings 2000 ICRA. Millennium Conference. IEEE International Conference …, 2000
Multi-satellite mission planning using a self-adaptive multi-agent system
J Bonnet, MP Gleizes, E Kaddoum, S Rainjonneau, G Flandin
2015 IEEE 9th international conference on self-adaptive and self-organizing …, 2015
Compensation of focal plane image motion perturbations with optical correlator in feedback loop
K Janschek, V Tchernykh, S Dyblenko, G Flandin, B Harnisch
Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites VIII 5570, 280-288, 2004
An adaptive multi-user multi-antenna receiver for satellite-based AIS detection
M Picard, MR Oularbi, G Flandin, S Houcke
2012 6th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference (ASMS) and 12th …, 2012
Navigation for planetary approach and landing
B Frapard, B Polle, G Flandin, P Bernard, C Vétel, X Sembely, S Mancuso
Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems 516, 159, 2003
Robust H?/H? thruster failure detection and isolation with application to the LISA Pathfinder spacecraft
A Falcoz, F Boquet, G Flandin, P Blanc-Paques
AIAA guidance, navigation, and control conference, 7906, 2010
Method of restoring movements of the line of sight of an optical instrument
V Crombez, U Polverini, G Flandin
US Patent 8,068,696, 2011
Robust fault diagnosis strategies for spacecraft application to LISA pathfinder experiment
A Falcoz, F Boquet, M Dinh, B Polle, G Flandin, E Bornschlegl
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 43 (15), 404-409, 2010
Vision based navigation for planetary exploration
G Flandin, B Polle, B Frapard, P Vidal, C Philippe, T Voirin
32nd Annual AAS Rocky Mountain Guidance and Control Conference 10, 1958-2000, 2009
GAIA video processing embedded algorithms: prototyping and validation activities
S Provost, M Le Roy, B Mamdy, G Flandin, T Paulsen
Proc. Eurospace DAta Systems In Aerospace Conf.(DASIA), 2007
Maturing vision based navigation solutions to space exploration
G Flandin, B Polle, N Despré, J Lheritier, N Perrimon, P Blanc-Paques
AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 7601, 2010
Identifying challenges to the certification of machine learning for safety critical systems
E Jenn, A Albore, F Mamalet, G Flandin, C Gabreau, H Delseny, ...
European Congress on Embedded Real Time Systems (ERTS 2020), 2020
Visual data fusion for objects localization by active vision
G Flandin, F Chaumette
European Conference on Computer Vision, 312-326, 2002
3D model-based visual tracking for space autonomous rendezvous
A Petit, N Despre, E Marchand, K Kanani, F Chaumette, S Provost, ...
8th Int. ESA Conf. on Guidance and Navigation Control Systems, GNC'11, 2011
Visual Data Fusion: Application to Objects Localization and Exploration
G Flandin, F Chaumette
INRIA, 2001
Vision navigation for European landers and the NPAL project
G Bodineau, C Boléat, G Flandin, B Frapard, B Polle, S Mancusod
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 40 (7), 395-400, 2007
Complex objects exploration
G Flandin, F Chaumette
Rapport de recherche, IRISA-INRIA, 2001
White paper machine learning in certified systems
H Delseny, C Gabreau, A Gauffriau, B Beaudouin, L Ponsolle, L Alecu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.10529, 2021
Vision based navigation for space exploration
G Flandin, N Perrimon, B Polle, P Vidal, C Philippe, R Drai
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 43 (15), 285-290, 2010
An Optical Flow Approach for Precise Visual Navigation of a Planetary Lander
V Tchernykh, M Beck, K Janschek, G Flandin
Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems 606, 2006
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