Plamen Panayotov
Plamen Panayotov
Medical University of Varna/ St. Marina Hospital
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Adipoparacrinology – vascular periadventitial adipose tissue (tunica adiposa) as an example
GN Chaldakov, J Beltowsky, PI Ghenev, M Fiore, P Panayotov, G Rančič, ...
Cell biology international 36 (3), 327-330, 2012
Adipoparacrinology: an emerging field in biomedical research
GN Chaldakov, N Tunçel, J Beltowski, M Fiore, G Ranćić, A Tonchev, ...
Balkan Medical Journal 2012 (1), 2-9, 2012
Periadventitial adipose tissue (tunica adiposa): enemy or friend around?
GN Chaldakov, AB Tonchev, IS Stankulov, PI Ghenev, M Fiore, L Aloe, ...
Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine 131 (12), 1766-1768, 2007
Anomalous origin of left circumflex coronary artery from the right pulmonary artery in adult
V Danov, V Kornovski, D Hazarbasanov, P Panayotov
The Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon 57 (02), 114-115, 2009
From antitubulins to trackins
S Yanev, M Fiore, A Hinev, P Ghenev, M Hristova, P Panayotov, ...
Biomedical Reviews 27, 59-68, 2017
Adipoparacrinology of atherosclerosis: Evidence updated
G N Chaldakov, G Rancic, M Fiore, P Panayotov, J Beltowski, V Bojanic, ...
Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly …, 2012
NGF-ome: its metabotrophic expression. Homage to Rita Levi-Montalcini
GN Chaldakov, L Aloe, MG Hristova, AB Tonchev, V Nikolova, ...
Biomedical Reviews 21, 25-29, 2010
Algorithms for formal stratification of patients with ischemic mitral regurgitation
P Panayotov, D Panayotova, N Nikolova, N Donchev, S Ivanova, ...
Scripta Scientifica Medica 50 (4), 30-35, 2018
Adipose tissue: the Renaissance marked by four paradigm shifts
G Rančić, M Fiore, R Pancheva, N Tuncel, J Beltowski, M Zhelezov, ...
Adipobiology 6, 48-53, 2014
Risk factors for surgical site infection in cardiac surgery–A short literary survey, risk patterns
P Manoilov, P Panayotov, H Cherkezov, A Georgiev
Heart-Lung (Varna) 20 (1-2), 11-19, 2014
Left heart chambers reverse remodeling after combined CABG and mitral repair
M Slavov, P Panayotov, D Panayotova, Y Peychev, V Kornovski
Journal of cardiothoracic surgery 8 (1), O215, 2013
Effect of isolated cabg on mild-to-moderate ischemic mitral regurgitation and cardiac remodeling
M Slavov, P Panayotov, D Panayotova, Y Peychev, V Kornovski
Journal of cardiothoracic surgery 8 (1), O214, 2013
Contemporary Methods for Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Significant Chronic Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation (A study of influence of mitral valve repair on left cardiac …
P Panayotov
Medical University of Varna, 2013
Using Fuzzy Sets in Surgical Treatment Selection and Homogenizing Stratification of Patients with Significant Chronic Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation
N Nikolova, P Panayotov, D Panayotova, S Ivanova, K Tenekedjiev
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 12 (2), 1075-1090, 2019
Transit-time flowmetric evaluation of coronary artery bypass graft flow after off-and on-pump myocardial revascularization
V Kornovski, P Panayotov, A Angelov, T Gradinarov
Scripta Scientifica Medica 50 (3), 30-36, 2018
Stress-induced cardiomyopathy
T Stefanova, S Shishkov, A Kisheva, P Panayotov
Heart-Lung (Varna) 22, 64-68, 2018
Quo vadis, atherogenesis? Part 2. Tunica adiposa–the new player in the process of atherogenesis
PI Ghenev, G Rančić, P Panayotov, M Fiore, AB Tonchev, N Tunçel, ...
Adipobiology 9, 61-64, 2018
White adipotopography: TOTI versus TOFI, or a hidden Homo obesus
G Rancic, P Panayotov, N Evtimov, M Zhelezov, PI Ghenev, ...
Adipobiology 9, 57-60, 2018
Current study situation and perspectives on the scientific research about the coronary usage of bone marrow stem cells after myocardial infarct
T Schulze, P Panayotov
Scripta Scientifica Vox Studentium 2, 53, 2018
The MIDCAB surgery–minimally invasive alternative to the open-heart surgery in one-vessel disease
I Abadzhiev, T Kyashif, D Atanasov, N Shiho, P Panayotov
Scripta Scientifica Vox Studentium 2, 87, 2018
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