Marion Wittmann
Marion Wittmann
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Global introductions of crayfishes: evaluating the impact of species invasions on ecosystem services
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Use of structured expert judgment to forecast invasions by bighead and silver carp in Lake Erie
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The Control of an Invasive Bivalve, Corbicula fluminea, Using Gas Impermeable Benthic Barriers in a Large Natural Lake
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A stochastic model for annual reproductive success
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A 3D individual-based aquatic transport model for the assessment of the potential dispersal of planktonic larvae of an invasive bivalve
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Four decades of change: dramatic loss of zoobenthos in an oligotrophic lake exhibiting gradual eutrophication
AM Caires, S Chandra, BL Hayford, ME Wittmann
Freshwater Science 32 (3), 692-705, 2013
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