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Inhibition of ceramide synthesis ameliorates glucocorticoid-, saturated-fat-, and obesity-induced insulin resistance
WL Holland, JT Brozinick, LP Wang, ED Hawkins, KM Sargent, Y Liu, ...
Cell metabolism 5 (3), 167-179, 2007
Excess lipid availability increases mitochondrial fatty acid oxidative capacity in muscle: evidence against a role for reduced fatty acid oxidation in lipid-induced insulin …
N Turner, CR Bruce, SM Beale, KL Hoehn, T So, MS Rolph, GJ Cooney
Diabetes 56 (8), 2085-2092, 2007
Insulin resistance is a cellular antioxidant defense mechanism
KL Hoehn, AB Salmon, C Hohnen-Behrens, N Turner, AJ Hoy, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (42), 17787-17792, 2009
Erk2 phosphorylation of Drp1 promotes mitochondrial fission and MAPK-driven tumor growth
JA Kashatus, A Nascimento, LJ Myers, A Sher, FL Byrne, KL Hoehn, ...
Molecular cell 57 (3), 537-551, 2015
Regulation of insulin action by ceramide: dual mechanisms linking ceramide accumulation to the inhibition of Akt/protein kinase B
S Stratford, KL Hoehn, F Liu, SA Summers
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (35), 36608-36615, 2004
Autophagy is required for exercise training-induced skeletal muscle adaptation and improvement of physical performance
VA Lira, M Okutsu, M Zhang, NP Greene, RC Laker, DS Breen, KL Hoehn, ...
The FASEB Journal 27 (10), 4184, 2013
Lipid mediators of insulin resistance
WL Holland, TA Knotts, JA Chavez, LP Wang, KL Hoehn, SA Summers
Nutrition reviews 65 (suppl_1), S39-S46, 2007
Mitochondrial division is requisite to RAS-induced transformation and targeted by oncogenic MAPK pathway inhibitors
MN Serasinghe, SY Wieder, TT Renault, R Elkholi, JJ Asciolla, JL Yao, ...
Molecular cell 57 (3), 521-536, 2015
IRS1-independent defects define major nodes of insulin resistance
KL Hoehn, C Hohnen-Behrens, A Cederberg, LE Wu, N Turner, T Yuasa, ...
Cell metabolism 7 (5), 421-433, 2008
Continued clearance of apoptotic cells critically depends on the phagocyte Ucp2 protein
D Park, CZ Han, MR Elliott, JM Kinchen, PC Trampont, S Das, S Collins, ...
Nature 477 (7363), 220-224, 2011
Exercise prevents maternal high-fat diet–induced hypermethylation of the Pgc-1α gene and age-dependent metabolic dysfunction in the offspring
RC Laker, TS Lillard, M Okutsu, M Zhang, KL Hoehn, JJ Connelly, Z Yan
Diabetes 63 (5), 1605-1611, 2014
Identification of a novel mitochondrial uncoupler that does not depolarize the plasma membrane
BM Kenwood, JL Weaver, A Bajwa, IK Poon, FL Byrne, BA Murrow, ...
Molecular metabolism 3 (2), 114-123, 2014
A novel MitoTimer reporter gene for mitochondrial content, structure, stress, and damage in vivo
RC Laker, P Xu, KA Ryall, A Sujkowski, BM Kenwood, KH Chain, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (17), 12005-12015, 2014
Pigment epithelium-derived factor contributes to insulin resistance in obesity
S Crowe, LE Wu, C Economou, SM Turpin, M Matzaris, KL Hoehn, ...
Cell metabolism 10 (1), 40-47, 2009
Acute or chronic upregulation of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation has no net effect on whole-body energy expenditure or adiposity
KL Hoehn, N Turner, MM Swarbrick, D Wilks, E Preston, Y Phua, H Joshi, ...
Cell metabolism 11 (1), 70-76, 2010
Regulator of fatty acid metabolism, acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase 1, controls T cell immunity
JE Lee, MC Walsh, KL Hoehn, DE James, EJ Wherry, Y Choi
The Journal of Immunology 192 (7), 3190-3199, 2014
CaMKII-mediated phosphorylation of the myosin motor Myo1c is required for insulin-stimulated GLUT4 translocation in adipocytes
MF Yip, G Ramm, M Larance, KL Hoehn, MC Wagner, M Guilhaus, ...
Cell metabolism 8 (5), 384-398, 2008
Small molecule mitochondrial uncouplers and their therapeutic potential: miniperspective
ES Childress, SJ Alexopoulos, KL Hoehn, WL Santos
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61 (11), 4641-4655, 2017
Genetic inhibition of hepatic acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity increases liver fat and alters global protein acetylation
JDY Chow, RT Lawrence, ME Healy, JE Dominy, JA Liao, DS Breen, ...
Molecular metabolism 3 (4), 419-431, 2014
A selective inhibitor of ceramide synthase 1 reveals a novel role in fat metabolism
N Turner, XY Lim, HD Toop, B Osborne, AE Brandon, EN Taylor, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 3165, 2018
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