Naoyuki Miyashita
Naoyuki Miyashita
KINDAI University
Потвърден имейл адрес: waka.kindai.ac.jp
Structural role of countertransport revealed in Ca2+ pump crystal structure in the absence of Ca2+
K Obara, N Miyashita, C Xu, I Toyoshima, Y Sugita, G Inesi, C Toyoshima
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (41), 14489-14496, 2005
Molecular dynamics simulations of biological membranes and membrane proteins using enhanced conformational sampling algorithms
T Mori, N Miyashita, W Im, M Feig, Y Sugita
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1858 (7), 1635-1651, 2016
Structures of β-Amyloid Peptide 1− 40, 1− 42, and 1− 55 the 672− 726 Fragment of APP in a Membrane Environment with Implications for Interactions with γ-Secretase
N Miyashita, JE Straub, D Thirumalai
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (49), 17843-17852, 2009
Transmembrane structures of amyloid precursor protein dimer predicted by replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulations
N Miyashita, JE Straub, D Thirumalai, Y Sugita
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (10), 3438-3439, 2009
Effect of bisecting GlcNAc and core fucosylation on conformational properties of biantennary complex-type N-glycans in solution
W Nishima, N Miyashita, Y Yamaguchi, Y Sugita, S Re
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (29), 8504-8512, 2012
Protonation of the Acidic Residues in the Transmembrane Cation-Binding Sites of the Ca2+ Pump
Y Sugita, N Miyashita, M Ikeguchi, A Kidera, C Toyoshima
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (17), 6150-6151, 2005
Functionality mapping on internal surfaces of multidrug transporter AcrB based on molecular theory of solvation: implications for drug efflux pathway
T Imai, N Miyashita, Y Sugita, A Kovalenko, F Hirata, A Kidera
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (25), 8288-8295, 2011
Conformational flexibility of N-glycans in solution studied by REMD simulations
S Re, W Nishima, N Miyashita, Y Sugita
Biophysical reviews 4, 179-187, 2012
Structural diversity and changes in conformational equilibria of biantennary complex-type N-glycans in water revealed by replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulation
S Re, N Miyashita, Y Yamaguchi, Y Sugita
Biophysical journal 101 (10), L44-L46, 2011
Structural changes in the cytoplasmic domain of phospholamban by phosphorylation at Ser16: a molecular dynamics study
Y Sugita, N Miyashita, T Yoda, M Ikeguchi, C Toyoshima
Biochemistry 45 (39), 11752-11761, 2006
Multidimensional umbrella sampling and replica‐exchange molecular dynamics simulations for structure prediction of transmembrane helix dimers
PC Li, N Miyashita, W Im, S Ishido, Y Sugita
Journal of computational chemistry 35 (4), 300-308, 2014
Electronic and lattice dynamics in the photoinduced ionic-to-neutral phase transition in a one-dimensional extended Peierls–Hubbard model
N Miyashita, M Kuwabara, K Yonemitsu
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 72 (9), 2282-2290, 2003
Coherence recovery and photoinduced phase transitions in one-dimensional halogen-bridged binuclear platinum complexes
K Yonemitsu, N Miyashita
Physical Review B 68 (7), 075113, 2003
Quantum diffraction and threshold law for the Temkin-Poet model of electron-hydrogen ionization
N Miyashita, D Kato, S Watanabe
Physical Review A 59 (6), 4385, 1999
Energetics of the presequence-binding poses in mitochondrial protein import through Tom20
Y Komuro, N Miyashita, T Mori, E Muneyuki, T Saitoh, D Kohda, Y Sugita
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (10), 2864-2871, 2013
The intertransmembrane region of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus modulator of immune recognition 2 contributes to B7-2 downregulation
M Kajikawa, PC Li, E Goto, N Miyashita, M Aoki-Kawasumi, ...
Journal of virology 86 (9), 5288-5296, 2012
On-the-fly analysis of molecular dynamics simulation trajectories of proteins using the Bayesian inference method
N Miyashita, Y Yonezawa
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147 (12), 2017
REIN: Replica‐exchange INterface for simulating protein dynamics and function
N Miyashita, S Re, Y Sugita
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 115 (5), 325-332, 2015
Recent applications of replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules
Y Sugita, N Miyashita, PC Li, T Yoda, Y Okamoto
Current Physical Chemistry 2 (4), 401-412, 2012
The autoimmune TCR-Ob. 2F3 can bind to MBP85–99/HLA-DR2 having an unconventional mode as in TCR-Ob. 1A12
Z Kato, JNH Stern, HK Nakamura, N Miyashita, K Kuwata, N Kondo, ...
Molecular immunology 48 (1-3), 314-320, 2010
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