Shenghong Yang
Shenghong Yang
Oulu Mining School
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OIB-like, heterogeneous mantle sources of Permian basaltic magmatism in the western Tarim Basin, NW China: implications for a possible Permian large igneous province
MF Zhou, JH Zhao, CY Jiang, JF Gao, W Wang, SH Yang
Lithos 113 (3-4), 583-594, 2009
Geochemistry of the~ 430-Ma Jingbulake mafic–ultramafic intrusion in Western Xinjiang, NW China: Implications for subduction related magmatism in the South Tianshan orogenic belt
SH Yang, MF Zhou
Lithos 113 (1-2), 259-273, 2009
Origin of the inconsistent apparent Re–Os ages of the Jinchuan Ni–Cu sulfide ore deposit, China: post-segregation diffusion of Os
S Yang, W Qu, Y Tian, J Chen, G Yang, A Du
Chemical Geology 247 (3-4), 401-418, 2008
Origin of ultra-nickeliferous olivine in the Kevitsa Ni–Cu–PGE-mineralized intrusion, northern Finland
SH Yang, WD Maier, EJ Hanski, M Lappalainen, F Santaguida, S Määttä
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 166, 81-95, 2013
Petrogenesis and Ni–Cu sulphide potential of mafic–ultramafic rocks in the Mesoproterozoic Fraser Zone within the Albany–Fraser Orogen, Western Australia
WD Maier, RH Smithies, CV Spaggiari, SJ Barnes, CL Kirkland, S Yang, ...
Precambrian Research 281, 27-46, 2016
Petrogenesis of the∼ 2· 77 Ga Monts de Cristal Complex, Gabon: evidence for direct precipitation of Pt-arsenides from basaltic magma
WD Maier, B Rasmussen, IR Fletcher, B Godel, SJ Barnes, LA Fisher, ...
Journal of Petrology 56 (7), 1285-1308, 2015
Strontium isotope disequilibrium of plagioclase in the Upper Critical Zone of the Bushveld Complex: evidence for mixing of crystal slurries
SH Yang, WD Maier, Y Lahaye, H O’Brien
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 166, 959-974, 2013
Mantle source of the 2.44–2.50-Ga mantle plume-related magmatism in the Fennoscandian Shield: evidence from Os, Nd, and Sr isotope compositions of the Monchepluton and Kemi …
SH Yang, E Hanski, C Li, WD Maier, H Huhma, AV Mokrushin, R Latypov, ...
Mineralium Deposita 51, 1055-1073, 2016
Re–Os isotope and platinum-group element geochemistry of the Pobei Ni–Cu sulfide-bearing mafic–ultramafic complex in the northeastern part of the Tarim Craton
SH Yang, MF Zhou, PC Lightfoot, JF Xu, CY Wang, CY Jiang, WJ Qu
Mineralium Deposita 49, 381-397, 2014
Geochemistry of the Abulangdang intrusion: cumulates of high-Ti picritic magmas in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China
CY Wang, MF Zhou, S Yang, L Qi, Y Sun
Chemical Geology 378, 24-39, 2014
Off‐Mount Calibration and One New Potential Pyrrhotite Reference Material for Sulfur Isotope Measurement by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
R Li, X Xia, S Yang, H Chen, Q Yang
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 2018
Selective crustal contamination and decoupling of lithophile and chalcophile element isotopes in sulfide-bearing mafic intrusions: an example from the Jingbulake intrusion …
SH Yang, MF Zhou, PC Lightfoot, J Malpas, WJ Qu, JB Zhou, DY Kong
Chemical Geology 302, 106-118, 2012
Magmatic ore deposits in mafic–ultramafic intrusions of the Giles Event, Western Australia
WD Maier, HM Howard, RH Smithies, SH Yang, SJ Barnes, H O'Brien, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 71, 405-436, 2015
In situ Sr Isotope Compositions of Plagioclase from a Complete Stratigraphic Profile of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa: Evidence for Extensive Magma Mixing …
BT Karykowski, SH Yang, WD Maier, Y Lahaye, CJ Lissenberg, H O’Brien
Journal of Petrology 58 (11), 2285-2308, 2017
Formation of transgressive anorthosite seams in the Bushveld Complex via tectonically induced mobilisation of plagioclase-rich crystal mushes
WD Maier, BT Karykowski, SH Yang
Geoscience Frontiers 7 (6), 875-889, 2016
Neoproterozoic mafic-ultramafic intrusions from the Fanjingshan region, south China: Implications for subduction-related magmatism in the Jiangnan Fold Belt
W Wang, JH Zhao, MF Zhou, SH Yang, FK Chen
The Journal of Geology 122 (4), 455-473, 2014
Composition of the ultramafic–mafic contact interval of the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe at Ngezi mine: Comparisons to the Bushveld Complex and implications for the origin of the PGE …
WD Maier, S Määttää, S Yang, T Oberthür, Y Lahaye, H Huhma, ...
Lithos 238, 207-222, 2015
The Permian Pobei mafic-ultramafic intrusion (NE Tarim, NW China) and associated sulfide mineralization
S Yang
HKU Theses Online (HKUTO), 2011
Parental Magma Composition of the Main Zone of the Bushveld Complex: Evidence from in situ LA-ICP-MS Trace Element Analysis of Silicate Minerals in the …
SH Yang, WD Maier, B Godel, SJ Barnes, E Hanski, H O’Brien
Journal of Petrology 60 (2), 359-392, 2019
Mafic-ultramafic intrusions of the Giles event, Western Australia: Petrogenesis and prospectivity for magmatic ore deposits
WD Maier, RH Smithies, HM Howard, S Yang, SJ Barnes
12th International Platinum Symposium. Abstracts, 141-142, 2014
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