Fabrice Dessaint
Fabrice Dessaint
Ingénieur, Analyse de données, Inra, Dijon
Потвърден имейл адрес: dijon.inra.fr
The historical spread of Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. in France from herbarium records
B Chauvel, F Dessaint, C Cardinal‐Legrand, F Bretagnolle
Journal of Biogeography 33 (4), 665-673, 2006
Arable weed decline in Northern France: crop edges as refugia for weed conservation?
G Fried, S Petit, F Dessaint, X Reboud
Biological Conservation 142 (1), 238-243, 2009
Spatial pattern analysis of weed seeds in the cultivated soil seed bank
F Dessaint, R Chadoeuf, G Barralis
Journal of Applied Ecology, 721-730, 1991
Spatial pattern analysis of weed seeds in the cultivated soil seed bank
F Dessaint, R Chadoeuf, G Barralis
Journal of Applied Ecology, 721-730, 1991
Reducing pesticide use while preserving crop productivity and profitability on arable farms
M Lechenet, F Dessaint, G Py, D Makowski, N Munier-Jolain
Nature Plants 3 (3), 1-6, 2017
Geographical variation in resistance to acetyl‐coenzyme A carboxylase‐inhibiting herbicides across the range of the arable weed Alopecurus myosuroides (black …
C Délye, S Michel, A Bérard, B Chauvel, D Brunel, JP Guillemin, ...
New Phytologist 186 (4), 1005-1017, 2010
Weed species richness in winter wheat increases with landscape heterogeneity
S Gaba, B Chauvel, F Dessaint, V Bretagnolle, S Petit
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 138 (3-4), 318-323, 2010
Weed response to herbicides: regional‐scale distribution of herbicide resistance alleles in the grass weed Alopecurus myosuroides
Y Menchari, C Camilleri, S Michel, D Brunel, F Dessaint, V Le Corre, ...
New Phytologist 171 (4), 861-874, 2006
Nine years' soil seed bank and weed vegetation relationships in an arable field without weed control
F Dessaint, R Chadoeuf, G Barralis
Journal of Applied Ecology, 123-130, 1997
Influence of weed management strategies on soil seedbank diversity
JP Mayor, F Dessaint
Weed research (Print) 38 (2), 95-105, 1998
Precision of soil seedbank sampling: how many soil cores?
F Dessaint, G Barralis, ML Caixinhas, JP Mayor, J Recasens, G Zanin
Weed Research 36 (2), 143-151, 1996
Identification of traits shared by rhizosphere-competent strains of fluorescent pseudomonads
S Ghirardi, F Dessaint, S Mazurier, T Corberand, JM Raaijmakers, ...
Microbial ecology 64 (3), 725-737, 2012
Evaluating field-scale sampling methods for the estimation of mean plant densities of weeds
N Colbach, F Dessaint, F Forcella
WEED RESEARCH-OXFORD- 40 (5), 411-430, 2000
A combined histology and transcriptome analysis unravels novel questions on Medicago truncatula seed coat
J Verdier, F Dessaint, C Schneider, M Abirached-Darmency
Journal of experimental botany 64 (2), 459-470, 2013
Arable-weed flora and its pollen representation: a case study from the eastern part of France
C Brun, F Dessaint, H Richard, F Bretagnolle
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 146 (1-4), 29-50, 2007
Symbiosis-related plant genes modulate molecular responses in an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus during early root interactions
PMA Seddas, CM Arias, C Arnould, D Van Tuinen, O Godfroy, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 22 (3), 341-351, 2009
Invasive and native populations of common ragweed exhibit strong tolerance to foliar damage
B Gard, F Bretagnolle, F Dessaint, B Laitung
Basic and Applied Ecology 14 (1), 28-35, 2013
F Dessaint, B Chauvel, F Bretagnolle
Médecine/Sciences 21, 207-9, 2005
Breeding strategy in foxtail millet, Setaria italica (L.P. Beauv.), following interspecific hybridization
Y Naciri, H Darmency, J Belliard, F Dessaint, J Pernès
Euphytica 60 (2), 97-103, 1992
Etude de la dynamique d'une communauté adventice. III, Influence à long terme des techniques culturales sur la composition spécifique du stock semencier
F Dessaint, R Chadoeuf, G Barralis
Weed research (Print) 30 (5), 319-330, 1990
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