Andy Meharg
Andy Meharg
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Arsenic uptake and metabolism in arsenic resistant and nonresistant plant species
AA Meharg, J Hartley‐Whitaker
New Phytologist 154 (1), 29-43, 2002
Arsenic contamination of Bangladesh paddy field soils: implications for rice contribution to arsenic consumption
AA Meharg, MM Rahman
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Arsenic uptake and metabolism in plants
FJ Zhao, JF Ma, AA Meharg, SP McGrath
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Arsenic as a food chain contaminant: mechanisms of plant uptake and metabolism and mitigation strategies
FJ Zhao, SP McGrath, AA Meharg
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Variation in arsenic speciation and concentration in paddy rice related to dietary exposure
PN Williams, AH Price, A Raab, SA Hossain, J Feldmann, AA Meharg
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Uptake kinetics of arsenic species in rice plants
MJ Abedin, J Feldmann, AA Meharg
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Arsenic Accumulation and Metabolism in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
MJ Abedin, MS Cresser, AA Meharg, J Feldmann, J Cotter-Howells
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Greatly enhanced arsenic shoot assimilation in rice leads to elevated grain levels compared to wheat and barley
PN Williams, A Villada, C Deacon, A Raab, J Figuerola, AJ Green, ...
Environmental science & technology 41 (19), 6854-6859, 2007
Geographical variation in total and inorganic arsenic content of polished (white) rice
AA Meharg, PN Williams, E Adomako, YY Lawgali, C Deacon, A Villada, ...
Environmental science & technology 43 (5), 1612-1617, 2009
Mechanisms of Arsenic Hyperaccumulation in Pteris vittata. Uptake Kinetics, Interactions with Phosphate, and Arsenic Speciation
J Wang, FJ Zhao, AA Meharg, A Raab, J Feldmann, SP McGrath
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Growing rice aerobically markedly decreases arsenic accumulation
XY Xu, SP McGrath, AA Meharg, FJ Zhao
Environmental science & technology 42 (15), 5574-5579, 2008
Diclofenac poisoning as a cause of vulture population declines across the Indian subcontinent
RE Green, IAN Newton, S Shultz, AA Cunningham, M Gilbert, DJ Pain, ...
Journal of Applied ecology 41 (5), 793-800, 2004
Suppression of the High Affinity Phosphate Uptake System: A Mechanism of Arsenate Tolerance in Holcus lanatus L.
AA Meharg, MR Macnair
Journal of Experimental Botany 43 (4), 519-524, 1992
Selenium in higher plants: understanding mechanisms for biofortification and phytoremediation
YG Zhu, EAH Pilon-Smits, FJ Zhao, PN Williams, AA Meharg
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Increase in rice grain arsenic for regions of Bangladesh irrigating paddies with elevated arsenic in groundwaters
PN Williams, MR Islam, EE Adomako, A Raab, SA Hossain, YG Zhu, ...
Environmental science & technology 40 (16), 4903-4908, 2006
Arsenic in rice–understanding a new disaster for South-East Asia
AA Meharg
Trends in plant science 9 (9), 415-417, 2004
Copper‐ and arsenate‐induced oxidative stress in Holcus lanatus L. clones with differential sensitivity
J Hartley‐Whitaker, G Ainsworth, AA Meharg
Plant, Cell & Environment 24 (7), 713-722, 2001
Occurrence and partitioning of cadmium, arsenic and lead in mine impacted paddy rice: Hunan, China
PN Williams, M Lei, G Sun, Q Huang, Y Lu, C Deacon, AA Meharg, ...
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Arsenic uptake and accumulation in rice (Oryza sativa L.) irrigated with contaminated water
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Arsenic Sequestration in Iron Plaque, Its Accumulation and Speciation in Mature Rice Plants (Oryza Sativa L.)
WJ Liu, YG Zhu, Y Hu, PN Williams, AG Gault, AA Meharg, JM Charnock, ...
Environmental science & technology 40 (18), 5730-5736, 2006
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