Gust M. Annis
Gust M. Annis
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A gap analysis and comprehensive conservation strategy for riverine ecosystems of Missouri
SP Sowa, G Annis, ME Morey, DD Diamond
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Riparian shading and groundwater enhance growth potential for smallmouth bass in Ozark streams
GW Whitledge, CF Rabeni, G Annis, SP Sowa
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Natural landscape and stream segment attributes influencing the distribution and relative abundance of riverine smallmouth bass in Missouri
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Thinking outside of the lake: Can controls on nutrient inputs into Lake Erie benefit stream conservation in its watershed?
SC Keitzer, SA Ludsin, SP Sowa, G Annis, JG Arnold, P Daggupati, ...
Journal of Great Lakes Research 42 (6), 1322-1331, 2016
A gap analysis for riverine ecosystems of Missouri
SP Sowa, DD Diamond, R Abbitt, G Annis, T Gordon, ME Morey, ...
Final report, submitted to the USGS National Gap Analysis Program, Moscow …, 2005
How much conservation is enough? Defining implementation goals for healthy fish communities in agricultural rivers
SP Sowa, M Herbert, S Mysorekar, GM Annis, K Hall, AP Nejadhashemi, ...
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Predicting spread of aquatic invasive species by lake currents
D Beletsky, R Beletsky, ES Rutherford, JL Sieracki, JM Bossenbroek, ...
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Designing coastal conservation to deliver ecosystem and human well-being benefits
GM Annis, DR Pearsall, KJ Kahl, EL Washburn, CA May, R Franks Taylor, ...
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Suitability of Laurentian Great Lakes for invasive species based on global species distribution models and local habitat
AM Kramer, G Annis, ME Wittmann, WL Chadderton, ES Rutherford, ...
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The Great Lakes hydrography dataset: consistent, binational watersheds for the Laurentian Great Lakes basin
DK Forsyth, CM Riseng, KE Wehrly, LA Mason, J Gaiot, T Hollenhorst, ...
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Refining species distribution model outputs using landscape-scale habitat data: forecasting grass carp and Hydrilla establishment in the Great Lakes region
ME Wittmann, G Annis, AM Kramer, L Mason, C Riseng, ES Rutherford, ...
Journal of Great Lakes Research 43 (2), 298-307, 2017
Developing synoptic human threat indices for assessing the ecological integrity of freshwater ecosystems in EPA Region 7
GM Annis, SP Sowa, DD Diamond, MD Combes, KE Doisy, AJ Garringer, ...
Final report, submitted to Environmental Protection Agency, 2010
Predicting the potential distribution of the non-native Red Swamp Crayfish Procambarus clarkii in the Laurentian Great Lakes
RM Egly, GM Annis, WL Chadderton, JA Peters, ER Larson
Journal of Great Lakes Research 45 (1), 150-159, 2019
Riverine threat indices to assess watershed condition and identify primary management capacity of agriculture natural resource management agencies
JD Fore, SP Sowa, DL Galat, GM Annis, DD Diamond, C Rewa
Environmental management 53 (3), 567-582, 2014
Thinking outside the lake: How might Lake Erie nutrient management benefit stream conservation in the watershed
SC Keitzer, SA Ludsin, SP Sowa, G Annis, P Daggupati, A Froelich, ...
J. Great Lakes Res 42 (6), 1322-1331, 2016
Developing predicted distribution models for fish species in Nebraska
SP Sowa, GM Annis, ME Morey, AJ Garringer
Final Report submitted to the USGS (US Geological Survey) National Gap …, 2006
Quantifying the potential water quality benefits of agricultural conservation practices for stream fish conservation in the Western Lake Erie Basin. Final Rep
SC Keitzer, SA Ludsin, SP Sowa, AM Sasson, G Annis, JG Arnold, ...
Final Report submitted to NRCS Conservation Effects Assessment Project, 2016
The aquatic component of GAP analysis: a Missouri prototype
SP Sowa, DD Diamond, R Abbitt, GM Annis, T Gordon, ME Morey, ...
Final Report to United States Department of Defense Legacy Program, project, 2004
A framework for aquatic invasive species surveillance site selection and prioritization in the US waters of the Laurentian Great Lakes
AJ Tucker, WL Chadderton, G Annis, AD Davidson, J Hoffman, ...
Management of Biological Invasions 11 (3), 607, 2020
Improving Predicted Distribution Models for Riverine Species: An Example from Nebraska
SP Sowa, G Annis, ME Morey, A Garringer
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