Hyung-Kyu Lim
Hyung-Kyu Lim
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The Achilles' heel of iron-based catalysts during oxygen reduction in an acidic medium
CH Choi, HK Lim, MW Chung, G Chon, NR Sahraie, A Altin, MT Sougrati, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (11), 3176-3182, 2018
Toward a Lithium–“Air” Battery: The Effect of CO2 on the Chemistry of a Lithium–Oxygen Cell
HK Lim, HD Lim, KY Park, DH Seo, H Gwon, J Hong, WA Goddard III, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (26), 9733-9742, 2013
Long-range electron transfer over graphene-based catalyst for high-performing oxygen reduction reactions: importance of size, N-doping, and metallic impurities
CH Choi, HK Lim, MW Chung, JC Park, H Shin, H Kim, SI Woo
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (25), 9070-9077, 2014
Embedding covalency into metal catalysts for efficient electrochemical conversion of CO2
HK Lim, H Shin, WA Goddard III, YJ Hwang, BK Min, H Kim
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (32), 11355-11361, 2014
On the importance of the electric double layer structure in aqueous electrocatalysis
SJ Shin, DH Kim, G Bae, S Ringe, H Choi, HK Lim, CH Choi, H Kim
Nature communications 13 (1), 174, 2022
Ultrafast charge transfer coupled with lattice phonons in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks
TW Kim, S Jun, Y Ha, RK Yadav, A Kumar, CY Yoo, I Oh, HK Lim, JW Shin, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 1873, 2019
Tuned Chemical Bonding Ability of Au at Grain Boundaries for Enhanced Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
KS Kim, WJ Kim, HK Lim, EK Lee, H Kim
ACS CATALYSIS 6 (7), 4443-4448, 2016
Intercalation of gas molecules in graphene oxide interlayer: the role of water
D Kim, DW Kim, HK Lim, J Jeon, H Kim, HT Jung, H Lee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (20), 11142-11148, 2014
Exfoliated 2D Lepidocrocite Titanium Oxide Nanosheets for High Sulfur Content Cathodes with Highly Stable Li–S Battery Performance
SB Patil, HJ Kim, HK Lim, SM Oh, J Kim, J Shin, H Kim, JW Choi, ...
ACS Energy Letters 3 (2), 412-419, 2018
Theoretical and Experimental Understanding of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Kinetics in Alkaline Electrolytes with Pt-Based Core–Shell Nanocrystals
J Kim, H Kim, WJ Lee, B Ruqia, H Baik, HS Oh, SM Paek, HK Lim, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (45), 18256-18263, 2019
Insight into the Microenvironments of the Metal–Ionic Liquid Interface during Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
HK Lim, Y Kwon, HS Kim, J Jeon, YH Kim, JA Lim, BS Kim, J Choi, H Kim
ACS Catalysis 8 (3), 2420-2427, 2018
Magnetotactic molecular architectures from self-assembly of β-peptide foldamers
S Kwon, BJ Kim, HK Lim, K Kang, SH Yoo, J Gong, E Yoon, J Lee, IS Choi, ...
Nature communications 6, 2015
The Mechanism of Room-Temperature Ionic-Liquid-Based Electrochemical CO2 Reduction: A Review
HK Lim, H Kim
Molecules 22 (4), 536, 2017
Synergistic interaction of Re complex and amine functionalized multiple ligands in metal-organic frameworks for conversion of carbon dioxide
UJ Ryu, SJ Kim, HK Lim, H Kim, KM Choi, JK Kang
Scientific Reports 7, 2017
Solid Electrolyte Layers by Solution Deposition
HD Lim, HK Lim, X Xing, BS Lee, H Liu, C Coaty, H Kim, P Liu
Advanced Materials Interfaces 5 (8), 1701328, 2018
Highly active and stable nickel–molybdenum nitride (Ni 2 Mo 3 N) electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
SH Park, TH Jo, MH Lee, K Kawashima, CB Mullins, HK Lim, DH Youn
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (8), 4945-4951, 2021
CO2 Hydrate Nucleation Kinetics Enhanced by an Organo-Mineral Complex Formed at the Montmorillonite–Water Interface
D Kyung, HK Lim, H Kim, W Lee
Environmental science & technology 49 (2), 1197-1205, 2015
Structure, dynamics, and wettability of water at metal interfaces
S Gim, KJ Cho, HK Lim, H Kim
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 14805, 2019
Revisiting Lithium‐and Sodium‐Ion Storage in Hard Carbon Anodes
H Kim, JC Hyun, DH Kim, JH Kwak, JB Lee, JH Moon, J Choi, HD Lim, ...
Advanced Materials 35 (12), 2209128, 2023
High-efficiency and high-power rechargeable lithium–sulfur dioxide batteries exploiting conventional carbonate-based electrolytes
H Park, HD Lim, HK Lim, WM Seong, S Moon, Y Ko, B Lee, Y Bae, H Kim, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 14989, 2017
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