Dani Lucas-Barbosa
Dani Lucas-Barbosa
Researcher at University of Zurich
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Plant volatiles induced by herbivore egg deposition affect insects of different trophic levels
NE Fatouros, D Lucas-Barbosa, BT Weldegergis, FG Pashalidou, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (8), e43607, 2012
The effects of herbivore-induced plant volatiles on interactions between plants and flower-visiting insects
D Lucas-Barbosa, JJA van Loon, M Dicke
Phytochemistry 72 (13), 1647-1654, 2011
Integrating Studies on Plant–Pollinator and Plant–Herbivore Interactions
D Lucas-Barbosa
Trends in Plant Science, 2016
Covariation and phenotypic integration in chemical communication displays: biosynthetic constraints and eco‐evolutionary implications
RR Junker, J Kuppler, L Amo, JD Blande, RM Borges, NM van Dam, ...
New Phytologist 220 (3), 739-749, 2018
Plant Phenotypic and Transcriptional Changes Induced by Volatiles from the Fungal Root Pathogen Rhizoctonia solani
V Cordovez, L Mommer, K Moisan, D Lucas-Barbosa, R Pierik, R Mumm, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 2017
Reproductive escape: annual plant responds to butterfly eggs by accelerating seed production
D Lucas‐Barbosa, JJA Loon, R Gols, TA Beek, M Dicke
Functional Ecology 27 (1), 245-254, 2013
Phenotypic plasticity of plant response to herbivore eggs: effects on resistance to caterpillars and plant development
FG Pashalidou, D Lucas-Barbosa, JJA van Loon, M Dicke, NE Fatouros
Ecology 94 (3), 702-713, 2013
Folivory affects composition of nectar, floral odor and modifies pollinator behavior
M Bruinsma, D Lucas-Barbosa, CJM ten Broeke, NM van Dam, ...
Journal of Chemical Ecology 40, 39-49, 2014
Visual and odours cues: plant responses to pollination and herbivory affect the behaviour of flower visitors
D Lucas‐Barbosa, P Sun, A Hakman, TA van Beek, JJA van Loon, ...
Functional Ecology, 2015
Response of the zoophytophagous predators Macrolophus pygmaeus and Nesidiocoris tenuis to volatiles of uninfested plants and to plants infested by prey or …
JC Lins, JJA van Loon, VHP Bueno, D Lucas-Barbosa, M Dicke, ...
BioControl 59, 707-718, 2014
Floral plasticity: herbivore‐species‐specific‐induced changes in flower traits with contrasting effects on pollinator visitation
Q Rusman, EH Poelman, F Nowrin, G Polder, D Lucas‐Barbosa
Plant, Cell & Environment 42 (6), 1882-1896, 2019
Volatiles of pathogenic and non-pathogenic soil-borne fungi affect plant development and resistance to insects
K Moisan, V Cordovez, EM van de Zande, JM Raaijmakers, M Dicke, ...
Oecologia 190 (3), 589-604, 2019
Dealing with mutualists and antagonists: Specificity of plant‐mediated interactions between herbivores and flower visitors, and consequences for plant fitness
Q Rusman, D Lucas‐Barbosa, EH Poelman
Functional Ecology 32 (4), 1022-1035, 2018
Ecology of plastic flowers
Q Rusman, D Lucas-Barbosa, EH Poelman, M Dicke
Trends in Plant Science 24 (8), 725-740, 2019
Caught between parasitoids and predators–survival of a specialist herbivore on leaves and flowers of mustard plants
D Lucas-Barbosa, EH Poelman, Y Aartsma, TAL Snoeren, JJA van Loon, ...
Journal of Chemical Ecology 40, 621-631, 2014
Use of visual and olfactory cues of flowers of two brassicaceous species by insect pollinators
KY Barragán‐Fonseca, JJA Van Loon, M Dicke, D Lucas‐Barbosa
Ecological Entomology 45 (1), 45-55, 2020
Caterpillars induce jasmonates in flowers and alter plant responses to a second attacker
LTS Chrétien, A David, E Daikou, W Boland, J Gershenzon, D Giron, ...
New Phytologist 217 (3), 1279-1291, 2018
Plant ontogeny determines strength and associated plant fitness consequences of plant-mediated interactions between herbivores and flower visitors
Q Rusman, D Lucas-Barbosa, K Hassan, EH Poelman
Journal of Ecology, 2020
Volatiles from soil‐borne fungi affect directional growth of roots
K Moisan, JM Raaijmakers, M Dicke, D Lucas‐Barbosa, V Cordovez
Plant, Cell & Environment 44 (1), 339-345, 2021
Endure and Call for Help: Strategies of Black Mustard Plants to deal with a Specialised Caterpillar
D Lucas-Barbosa, M Dicke, T Kranenburg, Y Aartsma, TA van Beek, ...
Functional Ecology, 2016
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