Pamela M Brannock
Pamela M Brannock
Assistant Professor, Rollins College
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Response of intertidal populations to climate: effects of extreme events versus long term change
DS Wethey, SA Woodin, TJ Hilbish, SJ Jones, FP Lima, PM Brannock
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 400 (1-2), 132-144, 2011
Phylogenomics of Lophotrochozoa with consideration of systematic error
KM Kocot, TH Struck, J Merkel, DS Waits, C Todt, PM Brannock, ...
Systematic Biology 66 (2), 256-282, 2017
A role for PKC-ε in FcγR-mediated phagocytosis by RAW 264.7 cells
EC Larsen, T Ueyama, PM Brannock, Y Shirai, N Saito, C Larsson, ...
The Journal of cell biology 159 (6), 939-944, 2002
The genus Grateloupia C. Agardh (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) in the Thau Lagoon (France, Mediterranean): a case study of marine plurispecific introductions
M Verlaque, PM Brannock, T Komatsu, M Villalard-Bohnsack, M Marston
Phycologia 44 (5), 477-496, 2005
Historical changes in the distributions of invasive and endemic marine invertebrates are contrary to global warming predictions: the effects of decadal climate oscillations
TJ Hilbish, PM Brannock, KR Jones, AB Smith, BN Bullock, DS Wethey
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Meiofaunal community analysis by high-throughput sequencing: comparison of extraction, quality filtering, and clustering methods
PM Brannock, KM Halanych
Marine Genomics 23, 67-75, 2015
Extensive hybridization with minimal introgression in Mytilus galloprovincialis and M. trossulus in Hokkaido, Japan
PM Brannock, DS Wethey, TJ Hilbish
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Change and stasis in marine hybrid zones in response to climate warming
TJ Hilbish, FP Lima, PM Brannock, EK Fly, RL Rognstad, DS Wethey
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Biogeochemical and microbial variation across 5500 km of Antarctic surface sediment implicates organic matter as a driver of benthic community structure
DR Learman, MW Henson, JC Thrash, B Temperton, PM Brannock, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 284, 2016
Metabarcoding reveals environmental factors influencing spatio‐temporal variation in pelagic micro‐eukaryotes
PM Brannock, AC Ortmann, AG Moss, KM Halanych
Molecular Ecology 25 (15), 3593-3604, 2016
High-throughput sequencing characterizes intertidal meiofaunal communities in northern Gulf of Mexico (Dauphin Island and Mobile Bay, Alabama)
PM Brannock, DS Waits, J Sharma, KM Halanych
The Biological Bulletin 227 (2), 161-174, 2014
Hybridization results in high levels of sterility and restricted introgression between invasive and endemic marine blue mussels
PM Brannock, TJ Hilbish
Marine Ecology Progress Series 406, 161-171, 2010
Ubiquitous heteroplasmy in Mytilus spp. resulting from disruption in doubly uniparental inheritance regulation
PM Brannock, MA Roberts, TJ Hilbish
Marine Ecology Progress Series 480, 131-143, 2013
Meiobenthic community composition and biodiversity along a 5500 km transect of Western Antarctica: a metabarcoding analysis
PM Brannock, DR Learman, AR Mahon, SR Santos, KM Halanych
Marine Ecology Progress Series 603, 47-60, 2018
Genetic assessment of meiobenthic community composition and spatial distribution in coastal sediments along northern Gulf of Mexico
PM Brannock, L Wang, AC Ortmann, DS Waits, KM Halanych
Marine environmental research 119, 166-175, 2016
Spatial and temporal variation of intertidal nematodes in the northern Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
PM Brannock, J Sharma, HM Bik, WK Thomas, KM Halanych
Marine environmental research 130, 200-212, 2017
Reconstruction of cyclooxygenase evolution in animals suggests variable, lineage-specific duplications, and homologs with low sequence identity
JC Havird, KM Kocot, PM Brannock, JT Cannon, DS Waits, DA Weese, ...
Journal of molecular evolution 80 (3-4), 193-208, 2015
River Flow Impacts Bacterial and Archaeal Community Structure in Surface Sediments in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
AC Ortmann, PM Brannock, L Wang, KM Halanych
Microbial ecology 76 (4), 941-953, 2018
Strong Population Structure and Differentiation within and among Burrowing Bog Crayfish Species of Southern Alabama Wetlands
M Clay, PM Brannock, M Barbour, JW Feminella, SR Santos, BS Helms
Wetlands, 1-12, 2020
Geographic variation in allele frequency of the gamete recognition protein M7 lysin throughout a mosaic blue mussel hybrid zone
MR Gilg, MC Restrepo, R Walton, PM Brannock, TJ Hilbish, E Rodriguez
Marine biology 160 (7), 1737-1750, 2013
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