Luciana Carraro
Luciana Carraro
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The automatic conservative: Ideology-based attentional asymmetries in the processing of valenced information
L Carraro, L Castelli, C Macchiella
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Ideology is related to basic cognitive processes involved in attitude formation
L Castelli, L Carraro
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Validation of the revised Food Neophobia Scale (FNS-R) in the Italian context
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Morality stereotyping as a basis of women’s in-group favoritism: An implicit approach
CW Leach, L Carraro, RL Garcia, JJ Kang
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The politics of attention contextualized: gaze but not arrow cuing of attention is moderated by political temperament
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An exploration of the differential effects of parents' authoritarianism dimensions on pre-school children's epistemic, existential, and relational needs
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Projection processes in the perception of political leaders
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The hand in motion of liberals and conservatives reveals the differential processing of positive and negative information
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Implicit and explicit self-construals in Chinese-heritage and Italian nonimmigrant early adolescents: Associations with self-esteem and prosocial behavior.
U Moscardino, D Miconi, L Carraro
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Left-handers’ struggle in a rightward wor (l) d: The relation between horizontal spatial bias and effort in directed movements
C Suitner, A Maass, ML Bettinsoli, L Carraro, S Kumar
Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition 22 (1), 60-89, 2017
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