Cherie Kagan
Cherie Kagan
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Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse nanocrystals and close-packed nanocrystal assemblies
CB Murray, CR Kagan, MG Bawendi
Annual review of materials science 30 (1), 545-610, 2000
Self-organization of CdSe nanocrystallites into three-dimensional quantum dot superlattices
CB Murray, CR Kagan, MG Bawendi
Science 270 (5240), 1335-1338, 1995
Organic-inorganic hybrid materials as semiconducting channels in thin-film field-effect transistors
CR Kagan, DB Mitzi, CD Dimitrakopoulos
Science 286 (5441), 945-947, 1999
Colloidal synthesis of nanocrystals and nanocrystal superlattices
CB Murray, S Sun, W Gaschler, H Doyle, TA Betley, CR Kagan
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Building devices from colloidal quantum dots
CR Kagan, E Lifshitz, EH Sargent, DV Talapin
Science 353 (6302), aac5523, 2016
Charge transfer on the nanoscale: current status
DM Adams, L Brus, CED Chidsey, S Creager, C Creutz, CR Kagan, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (28), 6668-6697, 2003
Prospects of nanoscience with nanocrystals
MV Kovalenko, L Manna, A Cabot, Z Hens, DV Talapin, CR Kagan, ...
ACS nano 9 (2), 1012-1057, 2015
Electronic energy transfer in CdSe quantum dot solids
CR Kagan, CB Murray, M Nirmal, MG Bawendi
Physical Review Letters 76 (9), 1517, 1996
Long-range resonance transfer of electronic excitations in close-packed CdSe quantum-dot solids
CR Kagan, CB Murray, MG Bawendi
Physical Review B 54 (12), 8633, 1996
Improved size-tunable synthesis of monodisperse gold nanorods through the use of aromatic additives
X Ye, L Jin, H Caglayan, J Chen, G Xing, C Zheng, V Doan-Nguyen, ...
ACS nano 6 (3), 2804-2817, 2012
Organic-inorganic electronics
DB Mitzi, K Chondroudis, CR Kagan
IBM journal of research and development 45 (1), 29-45, 2001
Thin-film transistors
CR Kagan, P Andry
CRC Press, 2003
Synergism in binary nanocrystal superlattices leads to enhanced p-type conductivity in self-assembled PbTe/Ag2Te thin films
JJ Urban, DV Talapin, EV Shevchenko, CR Kagan, CB Murray
Nature materials 6 (2), 115-121, 2007
Charge transport in strongly coupled quantum dot solids
CR Kagan, CB Murray
Nature nanotechnology 10 (12), 1013-1026, 2015
Bandlike transport in strongly coupled and doped quantum dot solids: a route to high-performance thin-film electronics
JH Choi, AT Fafarman, SJ Oh, DK Ko, DK Kim, BT Diroll, S Muramoto, ...
Nano letters 12 (5), 2631-2638, 2012
Photoconductivity in CdSe quantum dot solids
CA Leatherdale, CR Kagan, NY Morgan, SA Empedocles, MA Kastner, ...
Physical Review B 62 (4), 2669, 2000
Wrinkles and deep folds as photonic structures in photovoltaics
JB Kim, P Kim, NC Pégard, SJ Oh, CR Kagan, JW Fleischer, HA Stone, ...
Nature Photonics 6 (5), 327-332, 2012
Design, structure, and optical properties of organic− inorganic perovskites containing an oligothiophene chromophore
DB Mitzi, K Chondroudis, CR Kagan
Inorganic chemistry 38 (26), 6246-6256, 1999
Thiocyanate-capped nanocrystal colloids: vibrational reporter of surface chemistry and solution-based route to enhanced coupling in nanocrystal solids
AT Fafarman, W Koh, BT Diroll, DK Kim, DK Ko, SJ Oh, X Ye, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (39), 15753-15761, 2011
Electrons, excitons, and phonons in two-dimensional hybrid perovskites: connecting structural, optical, and electronic properties
DB Straus, CR Kagan
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9 (6), 1434-1447, 2018
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