Andrew M Herring
Andrew M Herring
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
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Anion-exchange membranes in electrochemical energy systems.
JR Varcoe, P Atanassov, DR Dekel, AM Herring, MA Hickner, PA Kohl, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (10), 3135-3191, 2014
Impact of biodiesel source material and chemical structure on emissions of criteria pollutants from a heavy-duty engine
RL McCormick, MS Graboski, TL Alleman, AM Herring, KS Tyson
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Cobalt-phosphate (Co-Pi) catalyst modified Mo-doped BiVO 4 photoelectrodes for solar water oxidation
SK Pilli, TE Furtak, LD Brown, TG Deutsch, JA Turner, AM Herring
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (12), 5028-5034, 2011
Anion exchange membranes: Current status and moving forward
MA Hickner, AM Herring, EB Coughlin
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 51 (24), 1727-1735, 2013
Inorganic–polymer composite membranes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
AM Herring
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part C: Polymer Reviews 46 (3), 245-296, 2006
The effect of biodiesel composition on engine emissions from a DDC series 60 diesel engine
MS Graboski, RL McCormick, TL Alleman, AM Herring
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Report No: NREL/SR-510-31461), 2003
High performance aliphatic-heterocyclic benzyl-quaternary ammonium radiation-grafted anion-exchange membranes
J Ponce-González, DK Whelligan, L Wang, R Bance-Soualhi, Y Wang, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (12), 3724-3735, 2016
Tertiary sulfonium as a cationic functional group for hydroxide exchange membranes
B Zhang, S Gu, J Wang, Y Liu, AM Herring, Y Yan
Rsc Advances 2 (33), 12683-12685, 2012
Multi-component Fe–Ni hydroxide nanocatalyst for oxygen evolution and methanol oxidation reactions under alkaline conditions
SL Candelaria, NM Bedford, TJ Woehl, NS Rentz, AR Showalter, ...
ACS Catalysis 7 (1), 365-379, 2017
BiVO 4/CuWO 4 heterojunction photoanodes for efficient solar driven water oxidation
SK Pilli, TG Deutsch, TE Furtak, LD Brown, JA Turner, AM Herring
Physical chemistry chemical physics 15 (9), 3273-3278, 2013
Non-fluorinated pre-irradiation-grafted (peroxidated) LDPE-based anion-exchange membranes with high performance and stability
L Wang, JJ Brink, Y Liu, AM Herring, J Ponce-González, DK Whelligan, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 10 (10), 2154-2167, 2017
Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia: a low pressure, low temperature approach
JN Renner, LF Greenlee, KE Ayres, AM Herring
The Electrochemical Society Interface 24 (2), 51, 2015
Oxidation of hydrocarbons by aqueous platinum salts: mechanism and selectivity
JA Labinger, AM Herring, DK Lyon, GA Luinstra, JE Bercaw, IT Horvath, ...
Organometallics 12 (3), 895-905, 1993
Polymer electrolytes for a hydrogen economy
V Di Noto, TA Zawodzinski, AM Herring, GA Giffin, E Negro, S Lavina
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 7 (37), 6120-6131, 2012
Synthesis and characterization of palladium complexes containing tridentate ligands with PXP (X= C, N, O, S, As) donor sets and their evaluation as electrochemical CO2 …
BD Steffey, A Miedaner, ML Maciejewski-Farmer, PR Bernatis, ...
Organometallics 13 (12), 4844-4855, 1994
Correlating the chemical and physical properties of a set of heavy oils from around the world
A Hinkle, EJ Shin, MW Liberatore, AM Herring, M Batzle
Fuel 87 (13-14), 3065-3070, 2008
Selective hydroxylation of methyl groups by platinum salts in aqueous medium. Direct conversion of ethanol to ethylene glycol
JA Labinger, AM Herring, JE Bercaw
Journal of the American Chemical Society 112 (14), 5628-5629, 1990
Molecular dynamics simulations of proton transport in 3M and nafion perfluorosulfonic acid membranes
YLS Tse, AM Herring, K Kim, GA Voth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (16), 8079-8091, 2013
A novel method for the templated synthesis of homogeneous samples of hollow carbon nanospheres from cellulose chars
AM Herring, JT McKinnon, BD McCloskey, J Filley, KW Gneshin, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (33), 9916-9917, 2003
Synthesis, characterization, and conductivity measurements of hybrid membranes containing a mono-lacunary heteropolyacid for PEM fuel cell applications
DR Vernon, F Meng, SF Dec, DL Williamson, JA Turner, AM Herring
Journal of power sources 139 (1-2), 141-151, 2005
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