Christa Kelleher
Christa Kelleher
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Ten guidelines for effective data visualization in scientific publications
C Kelleher, T Wagener
Environmental Modelling & Software 26 (6), 822-827, 2011
Investigating controls on the thermal sensitivity of Pennsylvania streams
C Kelleher, T Wagener, M Gooseff, B McGlynn, K McGuire, L Marshall
Hydrological Processes 26 (5), 771-785, 2012
Characterizing hydrologic change through catchment classification
KA Sawicz, C Kelleher, T Wagener, P Troch, M Sivapalan, G Carrillo
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18 (1), 273-285, 2014
Identifiability of transient storage model parameters along a mountain stream
C Kelleher, T Wagener, B McGlynn, AS Ward, MN Gooseff, RA Payn
Water Resources Research 49 (9), 5290-5306, 2013
Variations in surface water‐ground water interactions along a headwater mountain stream: Comparisons between transient storage and water balance analyses
AS Ward, RA Payn, MN Gooseff, BL McGlynn, KE Bencala, CA Kelleher, ...
Water Resources Research 49 (6), 3359-3374, 2013
Assessing the potential of drone‐based thermal infrared imagery for quantifying river temperature heterogeneity
SJ Dugdale, CA Kelleher, IA Malcolm, S Caldwell, DM Hannah
Hydrological Processes 33 (7), 1152-1163, 2019
Where is the bottom of a watershed?
LE Condon, KH Markovich, CA Kelleher, JJ McDonnell, G Ferguson, ...
Water Resources Research 56 (3), e2019WR026010, 2020
Characterizing and reducing equifinality by constraining a distributed catchment model with regional signatures, local observations, and process understanding
C Kelleher, B McGlynn, T Wagener
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 21 (7), 3325-3352, 2017
It takes a community to raise a hydrologist: the Modular Curriculum for Hydrologic Advancement (MOCHA)
T Wagener, C Kelleher, M Weiler, B McGlynn, M Gooseff, L Marshall, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 16 (9), 3405-3418, 2012
Model‐based analysis of the influence of catchment properties on hydrologic partitioning across five mountain headwater subcatchments
C Kelleher, T Wagener, B McGlynn
Water Resources Research 51 (6), 4109-4136, 2015
Identification of the controlling mechanism for predicting critical loads in elastomeric bearings
X Han, CA Kelleher, GP Warn, T Wagener
Journal of Structural Engineering 139 (12), 04013016, 2013
Restoring stream ecosystem function with beaver dam analogues: Let's not make the same mistake twice
L Lautz, C Kelleher, P Vidon, J Coffman, C Riginos, H Copeland
Hydrological Processes 33 (1), 174-177, 2019
A software tool to assess uncertainty in transient-storage model parameters using Monte Carlo simulations
AS Ward, CA Kelleher, SJK Mason, T Wagener, N McIntyre, B McGlynn, ...
Freshwater Science 36 (1), 195-217, 2017
Exploring tracer information and model framework trade‐offs to improve estimation of stream transient storage processes
C Kelleher, A Ward, JLA Knapp, PJ Blaen, MJ Kurz, JD Drummond, ...
Water Resources Research 55 (4), 3481-3501, 2019
Urban vacant lands impart hydrological benefits across city landscapes
C Kelleher, HE Golden, S Burkholder, W Shuster
Nature Communications 11 (1), 1563, 2020
Monitoring turbidity from above: Deploying small unoccupied aerial vehicles to image in‐stream turbidity
K Ehmann, C Kelleher, LE Condon
Hydrological Processes 33 (6), 1013-1021, 2019
Exploring the application of topographic indices in urban areas as indicators of pluvial flooding locations
C Kelleher, L McPhillips
Hydrological Processes 34 (3), 780-794, 2020
A perspective on the future of transient storage modeling: Let's stop chasing our tails
JLA Knapp, C Kelleher
Water Resources Research 56 (3), e2019WR026257, 2020
Has urbanization changed ecological streamflow characteristics in Maine (USA)?
EH Martin, C Kelleher, T Wagener
Hydrological sciences journal 57 (7), 1337-1354, 2012
Relative information from thermal infrared imagery via unoccupied aerial vehicle informs simulations and spatially-distributed assessments of stream temperature
SH Caldwell, C Kelleher, EA Baker, LK Lautz
Science of the Total Environment 661, 364-374, 2019
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