Jeffrey P. Copeland
Jeffrey P. Copeland
Research Biologist
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Wolverine gene flow across a narrow climatic niche
MK Schwartz, JP Copeland, NJ Anderson, JR Squires, RM Inman, ...
Ecology 90 (11), 3222-3232, 2009
Biology of the wolverine in central Idaho
JP Copeland
University of Idaho, 1996
Characteristics of wolverine reproductive den sites
AJ Magoun, JP Copeland
The Journal of wildlife management, 1313-1320, 1998
Distribution and broadscale habitat relations of the wolverine in the contiguous United States
KB Aubry, KS McKelvey, JP Copeland
The Journal of Wildlife Management 71 (7), 2147-2158, 2007
Grizzly bear–human conflicts in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, 1992–2000
KA Gunther, MA Haroldson, K Frey, SL Cain, J Copeland, CC Schwartz
Ursus 15 (1), 10-22, 2004
The bioclimatic envelope of the wolverine (Gulo gulo): do climatic constraints limit its geographic distribution?
JP Copeland, KS McKelvey, KB Aubry, A Landa, J Persson, RM Inman, ...
Canadian Journal of Zoology 88 (3), 233-246, 2010
Climate change predicted to shift wolverine distributions, connectivity, and dispersal corridors
KS McKelvey, JP Copeland, MK Schwartz, JS Littell, KB Aubry, ...
Ecological Applications 21 (8), 2882-2897, 2011
Synthesis of survival rates and causes of mortality in North American wolverines
J Krebs, E Lofroth, J Copeland, V Banci, D Cooley, H Golden, A Magoun, ...
The Journal of Wildlife Management 68 (3), 493-502, 2004
Seasonal habitat associations of the wolverine in central Idaho
JP Copeland, JM Peek, CR Groves, WE Melquist, KS Mckelvey, ...
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Evaluation of landscape models for wolverines in the interior northwest, United States of America
MM Rowland, MJ Wisdom, DH Johnson, BC Wales, JP Copeland, ...
Journal of Mammalogy 84 (1), 92-105, 2003
Inferring geographic isolation of wolverines in California using historical DNA
MK Schwartz, KB Aubry, KS McKelvey, KL Pilgrim, JP Copeland, ...
The Journal of Wildlife Management 71 (7), 2170-2179, 2007
Wolverine confirmation in California after nearly a century: native or long-distance immigrant?
KM Moriarty, WJ Zielinski, AG Gonzales, TE Dawson, KM Boatner, ...
Northwest Science 83 (2), 154-162, 2009
Sources and patterns of wolverine mortality in western Montana
JR Squires, JP Copeland, TJ Ulizio, MK Schwartz, LF Ruggiero
The Journal of Wildlife Management 71 (7), 2213-2220, 2007
A live trap for wolverine and other forest carnivores
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Wolverine conservation and management
LF Ruggiero, KS Mckelvey, KB Aubry, JP Copeland, DH Pletscher, ...
The Journal of Wildlife Management 71 (7), 2145-2146, 2007
Wolverine distribution in the northwestern United States and a survey in the Seven Devils Mountains of Idaho
J Copeland, F Edelmann
WSU Press, 1999
Stand-and landscape-scale selection of large trees by fishers in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Idaho
MK Schwartz, NJ DeCesare, BS Jimenez, JP Copeland, WE Melquist
Forest Ecology and Management 305, 103-111, 2013
Wolverines in winter: indirect habitat loss and functional responses to backcountry recreation
K Heinemeyer, J Squires, M Hebblewhite, JJ O'Keefe, JD Holbrook, ...
Ecosphere 10 (2), e02611, 2019
Comments on Brodie and Post: Climate-driven declines in wolverine populations: causal connection or spurious correlation?
KS McKelvey, EC Lofroth, JP Copeland, KB Aubry, AJ Magoun
Population Ecology 53 (1), 263-266, 2011
Volatile compounds from anal glands of the wolverine, Gulo gulo
WF Wood, MN Terwilliger, JP Copeland
Journal of chemical ecology 31 (9), 2111-2117, 2005
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