Ahmed Bouferguene
Ahmed Bouferguene
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STOP: A slater‐type orbital package for molecular electronic structure determination
A Bouferguene, M Fares, PE Hoggan
International journal of quantum chemistry 57 (4), 801-810, 1996
Integrated production planning and control system for a panelized home prefabrication facility using simulation and RFID
MS Altaf, A Bouferguene, H Liu, M Al-Hussein, H Yu
Automation in construction 85, 369-383, 2018
A deep learning-based framework for an automated defect detection system for sewer pipes
X Yin, Y Chen, A Bouferguene, H Zaman, M Al-Hussein, L Kurach
Automation in construction 109, 102967, 2020
A new single‐center method to compute molecular integrals of quantum chemistry in slater‐type orbital basis of functions
A Bouferguene, D Rinaldi
International journal of quantum chemistry 50 (1), 21-42, 1994
Evolution of the crane selection and on-site utilization process for modular construction multilifts
J Olearczyk, M Al-Hussein, A Bouferguène
Automation in construction 43, 59-72, 2014
Utilization of 3D visualization of mobile crane operations for modular construction on-site assembly
SH Han, S Hasan, A Bouferguène, M Al-Hussein, J Kosa
Journal of management in engineering 31 (5), 04014080, 2015
BIM-based automated design and planning for boarding of light-frame residential buildings
H Liu, G Singh, M Lu, A Bouferguene, M Al-Hussein
Automation in Construction 89, 235-249, 2018
Productivity and CO2 emission analysis for tower crane utilization on high-rise building projects
S Hasan, A Bouferguene, M Al-Hussein, P Gillis, A Telyas
Automation in Construction 31, 255-264, 2013
Artificial neural network model for cost estimation: City of Edmonton’s water and sewer installation services
DP Alex, M Al Hussein, A Bouferguene, S Fernando
Journal of construction engineering and management 136 (7), 745-756, 2010
Convergence analysis of the addition theorem of Slater orbitals and its application to three-center nuclear attraction integrals
A Bouferguene, HW Jones
The Journal of chemical physics 109 (14), 5718-5729, 1998
A BIM-based automation of design and drafting for manufacturing of wood panels for modular residential buildings
A Alwisy, S Bu Hamdan, B Barkokebas, A Bouferguene, M Al-Hussein
International Journal of Construction Management 19 (3), 187-205, 2019
Spatial gaps in urban public transport supply and demand from the perspective of sustainability
Y Chen, A Bouferguene, HX Li, H Liu, Y Shen, M Al-Hussein
Journal of cleaner production 195, 1237-1248, 2018
Integrals over B functions basis sets. I. Three‐center molecular integrals, a numerical study
A Bouferguene, M Fares, D Rinaldi
The Journal of chemical physics 100 (11), 8156-8168, 1994
Automated generation of shop drawings in residential construction
JD Manrique, M Al-Hussein, A Bouferguene, R Nasseri
Automation in Construction 55, 15-24, 2015
3D-based crane evaluation system for mobile crane operation selection on modular-based heavy construction sites
SH Han, A Bouferguene, M Al-Hussein, U Hermann
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 143 (9), 04017060, 2017
Algorithm for mobile crane walking path planning in congested industrial plants
Z Lei, SH Han, A Bouferguène, H Taghaddos, U Hermann, M Al-Hussein
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 141 (2), 05014016, 2015
Automating motion trajectory of crane-lifted loads
J Olearczyk, A Bouferguène, M Al-Hussein, UR Hermann
Automation in Construction 45, 178-186, 2014
Municipal infrastructure asset levels of service assessment for investment decisions using analytic hierarchy process
V Sharma, M Al-Hussein, H Safouhi, A Bouferguène
Journal of Infrastructure Systems 14 (3), 193-200, 2008
An integrated decision support model for selecting the most feasible crane at heavy construction sites
SH Han, S Hasan, A Bouferguene, M Al-Hussein, J Kosa
Automation in Construction 87, 188-200, 2018
3D visualization-based motion planning of mobile crane operations in heavy industrial projects
SH Han, Z Lei, A Bouferguene, M Al-Hussein, U Hermann
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 30 (1), 04014127, 2016
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