Carlo Maria Carbonaro
Carlo Maria Carbonaro
Professore Associato di Fisica, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Cagliari
Потвърден имейл адрес: dsf.unica.it
Anatase-to-Rutile Phase Transition in TiO2 Nanoparticles Irradiated by Visible Light
PC Ricci, CM Carbonaro, L Stagi, M Salis, A Casu, S Enzo, F Delogu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (15), 7850-7857, 2013
On the emission properties of carbon dots: reviewing data and discussing models
CM Carbonaro, R Corpino, M Salis, F Mocci, SV Thakkar, C Olla, PC Ricci
C 5 (4), 60, 2019
Light induced TiO2 phase transformation: Correlation with luminescent surface defects
L Stagi, CM Carbonaro, R Corpino, D Chiriu, PC Ricci
physica status solidi (b) 252 (1), 124-129, 2015
Carbon dots from citric acid and its intermediates formed by thermal decomposition
R Ludmerczki, S Mura, CM Carbonaro, IM Mandity, M Carraro, N Senes, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 25 (51), 11963-11974, 2019
Can trihalide Lead perovskites support continuous wave lasing?
M Cadelano, V Sarritzu, N Sestu, D Marongiu, F Chen, R Piras, R Corpino, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (11), 1557-1564, 2015
Optical and Structural Characterization of Terbium-Doped Y2SiO5 Phosphor Particles
PC Ricci, CM Carbonaro, R Corpino, C Cannas, M Salis
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Raman investigation of surface OH-species in porous silica
A Anedda, CM Carbonaro, F Clemente, R Corpino, PC Ricci
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (49), 13661-13664, 2003
Formation of fluorescent aggregates in Rhodamine 6G doped silica glasses
A Anedda, CM Carbonaro, R Corpino, PC Ricci, S Grandi, PC Mustarelli
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Hybrid materials for solid-state dye laser applications
CM Carbonaro, A Anedda, S Grandi, A Magistris
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (26), 12932-12937, 2006
Rhodamine 6G–SiO2 hybrids: A photoluminescence study
A Anedda, CM Carbonaro, F Clemente, R Corpino, S Grandi, A Magistris, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 351 (21-23), 1850-1854, 2005
Proof of the Thermodynamical Stability of the Center in
CM Carbonaro, V Fiorentini, F Bernardini
Physical Review Letters 86 (14), 3064, 2001
Integrating sol-gel and carbon dots chemistry for the fabrication of fluorescent hybrid organic-inorganic films
S Mura, R Ludmerczki, L Stagi, S Garroni, CM Carbonaro, PC Ricci, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 4770, 2020
Carbon dots in water and mesoporous matrix: Chasing the origin of their photoluminescence
CM Carbonaro, D Chiriu, L Stagi, MF Casula, SV Thakkar, L Malfatti, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (44), 25638-25650, 2018
Structural and optical properties of carbon nitride polymorphs
L Stagi, D Chiriu, CM Carbonaro, R Corpino, PC Ricci
Diamond and Related Materials 68, 84-92, 2016
Ab initio study of oxygen vacancies in α-quartz
CM Carbonaro, V Fiorentini, S Massidda
Journal of non-crystalline solids 221 (1), 89-96, 1997
Performance of oil sorbents based on reduced graphene oxide–silica composite aerogels
SV Thakkar, A Pinna, CM Carbonaro, L Malfatti, P Guardia, A Cabot, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (1), 103632, 2020
A kinetics model for recombinations in low doped crystals
PC Ricci, M Salis, R Corpino, CM Carbonaro, E Fortin, A Anedda
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (4), 043512, 2010
On the formation of aggregates in silica–rhodamine 6G type II hybrids
CM Carbonaro, PC Ricci, S Grandi, M Marceddu, R Corpino, M Salis, ...
RSC advances 2 (5), 1905-1912, 2012
Light Assisted Dimer to Monomer Transformation in Heavily Doped Rhodamine 6G− Porous Silica Hybrids
CM Carbonaro, F Meinardi, PC Ricci, M Salis, A Anedda
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (15), 5111-5116, 2009
Characterisation of a new sol-gel precursor for a SiO2-rhodamine 6G hybrid class II material
S Grandi, C Tomasi, P Mustarelli, F Clemente, CM Carbonaro
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 41, 57-63, 2007
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