R. Pamela Reid
R. Pamela Reid
Потвърден имейл адрес: rsmas.miami.edu
Processes of carbonate precipitation in modern microbial mats
C Dupraz, RP Reid, O Braissant, AW Decho, RS Norman, PT Visscher
Earth-Science Reviews 96 (3), 141-162, 2009
The role of microbes in accretion, lamination and early lithification of modern marine stromatolites
RP Reid, PT Visscher, AW Decho, JF Stolz, BM Bebout, C Dupraz, ...
Nature 406 (6799), 989-992, 2000
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C Dupraz, PT Visscher, LK Baumgartner, RP Reid
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Sulfate reducing bacteria in microbial mats: changing paradigms, new discoveries
LK Baumgartner, RP Reid, C Dupraz, AW Decho, DH Buckley, JR Spear, ...
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Microscale observations of sulfate reduction: correlation of microbial activity with lithified micritic laminae in modern marine stromatolites
PT Visscher, RP Reid, BM Bebout
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Interpretation of hyperspectral remote-sensing imagery by spectrum matching and look-up tables
CD Mobley, LK Sundman, CO Davis, JH Bowles, TV Downes, ...
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AW Decho, PT Visscher, RP Reid
Geobiology: objectives, concepts, perspectives, 71-86, 2005
Formation of lithified micritic laminae in modern marine stromatolites (Bahamas); the role of sulfur cycling
PT Visscher, RP Reid, BM Bebout, SE Hoeft, IG Macintyre, JA Thompson
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C Desnues, B Rodriguez-Brito, S Rayhawk, S Kelley, T Tran, M Haynes, ...
Nature 452 (7185), 340-343, 2008
Optical remote sensing of benthic habitats and bathymetry in coastal environments at Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas: A comparative spectral classification approach
EM Louchard, RP Reid, FC Stephens, CO Davis, RA Leathers, ...
Limnology and oceanography 48 (1part2), 511-521, 2003
Growth morphologies of modern marine stromatolites: a case study from Highborne Cay, Bahamas
MS Andres, RP Reid
Sedimentary Geology 185 (3-4), 319-328, 2006
Modern marine stromatolites in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas: uncommonly common
RP Reid, IG Macintyre, KM Browne, RS Steneck, T Miller
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Shark Bay stromatolites: microfabrics and reinterpretation of origins
R Pamela Reid, NP James, IG Macintyre, CP Dupraz, RV Burne
Facies 49, 299-324, 2003
Autoinducers extracted from microbial mats reveal a surprising diversity of N‐acylhomoserine lactones (AHLs) and abundance changes that may relate to diel pH
AW Decho, PT Visscher, J Ferry, T Kawaguchi, L He, KM Przekop, ...
Environmental microbiology 11 (2), 409-420, 2009
The role of endolithic cyanobacteria in the formation of lithified laminae in Bahamian stromatolites
IG Macintyre, L Prufert‐Bebout, RP Reid
Sedimentology 47 (5), 915-921, 2000
Development and application of a video-mosaic survey technology to document the status of coral reef communities
D Lirman, NR Gracias, BE Gintert, ACR Gleason, RP Reid, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 125, 59-73, 2007
Microboring versus recrystallization: further insight into the micritization process
RP Reid, IG Macintyre
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RP Reid, IG Macintyre
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Molecular and morphological characterization of cyanobacterial diversity in the stromatolites of Highborne Cay, Bahamas
JS Foster, SJ Green, SR Ahrendt, S Golubic, RP Reid, KL Hetherington, ...
The ISME journal 3 (5), 573-587, 2009
Bacterially mediated precipitation in marine stromatolites
HW Paerl, TF Steppe, RP Reid
Environmental Microbiology 3 (2), 123-130, 2001
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