Mario Cáceres
Mario Cáceres
ICREA Research Professor, Hospital del Mar Research Institute
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Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19 by worldwide meta-analysis
CHG Initiative
Nature, 2021
Elevated gene expression levels distinguish human from non-human primate brains
M Cáceres, J Lachuer, MA Zapala, JC Redmond, L Kudo, DH Geschwind, ...
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Human brain evolution: insights from microarrays
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Generation of a Widespread Drosophila Inversion by a Transposable Element
M Caceres, JM Ranz, A Barbadilla, M Long, A Ruiz
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Global analysis of alternative splicing differences between humans and chimpanzees
JA Calarco, Y Xing, M Cáceres, JP Calarco, X Xiao, Q Pan, C Lee, ...
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Rates of divergence in gene expression profiles of primates, mice, and flies: stabilizing selection and variability among functional categories
B Lemos, CD Meiklejohn, M Cáceres, DL Hartl
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miR-34a contributes to megakaryocytic differentiation of K562 cells independently of p53
F Navarro, D Gutman, E Meire, M Cáceres, I Rigoutsos, Z Bentwich, ...
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The Chromosomal Polymorphism Linked to Variation in Social Behavior in the White-Throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis) Is a Complex Rearrangement and …
JW Thomas, M Cáceres, JJ Lowman, CB Morehouse, ME Short, ...
Genetics 179 (3), 1455-1468, 2008
Increased cortical expression of two synaptogenic thrombospondins in human brain evolution
M Cáceres, C Suwyn, M Maddox, JW Thomas, TM Preuss
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Human inversions and their functional consequences
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Molecular characterization of two natural hotspots in the Drosophila buzzatii genome induced by transposon insertions
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The foldback-like transposon Galileo is involved in the generation of two different natural chromosomal inversions of Drosophila buzzatii
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Silencing of a gene adjacent to the breakpoint of a widespread Drosophila inversion by a transposon-induced antisense RNA
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Chromosomal rearrangements and the genomic distribution of gene-expression divergence in humans and chimpanzees
T Marquès-Bonet, M Cáceres, J Bertranpetit, TM Preuss, JW Thomas, ...
Trends in Genetics 20 (11), 524-529, 2004
A common 16p11. 2 inversion underlies the joint susceptibility to asthma and obesity
JR González, A Cáceres, T Esko, I Cuscó, M Puig, M Esnaola, J Reina, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 94 (3), 361-372, 2014
InvFEST, a database integrating information of polymorphic inversions in the human genome
A Martínez-Fundichely, S Casillas, R Egea, M Ramia, A Barbadilla, ...
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Detailed stratified GWAS analysis for severe COVID-19 in four European populations
F Degenhardt, D Ellinghaus, S Juzenas, J Lerga-Jaso, M Wendorff, ...
Human molecular genetics 31 (23), 3945-3966, 2022
The genome sequencing of an albino Western lowland gorilla reveals inbreeding in the wild
J Prado-Martinez, I Hernando-Herraez, B Lorente-Galdos, M Dabad, ...
BMC genomics 14, 1-8, 2013
Identification of polymorphic inversions from genotypes
A Cáceres, SS Sindi, BJ Raphael, M Cáceres, JR González
BMC bioinformatics 13, 1-16, 2012
Novel roles for metallothionein‐I+ II (MT‐I+ II) in defense responses, neurogenesis, and tissue restoration after traumatic brain injury: Insights from global gene expression …
M Penkowa, M Cáceres, R Borup, FC Nielsen, CB Poulsen, A Quintana, ...
Journal of neuroscience research 84 (7), 1452-1474, 2006
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