Mikhail Roytberg
Mikhail Roytberg
Head of Applied Math Lab, Institute of Mathematical Problems in Biology RAS, Pushchino, Russia
Потвърден имейл адрес: lpm.org.ru
Computer analysis of transcription regulatory patterns in completely sequenced bacterial genomes
AA Mironov, EV Koonin, MA Roytberg, MS Gelfand
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A unifying framework for seed sensitivity and its application to subset seeds
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MA Roytberg
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OWEN: aligning long collinear regions of genomes
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Comparative analysis of the quality of a global algorithm and a local algorithm for alignment of two sequences
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Computation of biopolymers: a general approach to different problems
AV Finkelstein, MA Roytberg
BioSystems 30 (1-3), 1-19, 1993
Аддитивная регуляризация тематических моделей
КВ Воронцов, АА Потапенко
Доклады Академии наук 456 (3), 268-271, 2014
Library of disordered patterns in 3D protein structures
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Performance-guarantee gene predictions via spliced alignment
AA Mironov, MA Roytberg, PA Pevzner, MS Gelfand
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Exact p-value calculation for heterotypic clusters of regulatory motifs and its application in computational annotation of cis-regulatory modules
V Boeva, J Clément, M Régnier, MA Roytberg, VJ Makeev
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DNA segmentation through the Bayesian approach
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Analysis of internal loops within the RNA secondary structure in almost quadratic time
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Multi-seed lossless filtration
G Kucherov, L Noé, M Roytberg
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On subset seeds for protein alignment
M Roytberg, A Gambin, L Noé, S Lasota, E Furletova, E Szczurek, ...
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 6 (3), 483-494, 2009
Combinatorial approaches to gene recognition
MA Roytberg, TV Astakhova, MS Gelfand
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Recognition of genes in human DNA sequences
MS Gelfand, LI Podolsky, TV Astakhova, MA Roytberg
Journal of Computational Biology 3 (2), 223-234, 1996
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