Xusheng Xiao
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Machine learning: new ideas and tools in environmental science and engineering
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SUPOR: precise and scalable sensitive user input detection for android apps
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SAQL: A Stream-based Query System for Real-Time Abnormal System Behavior Detection
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Enabling efficient cyber threat hunting with cyber threat intelligence
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Precise identification of problems for structural test generation
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Context-Sensitive Delta Inference for Identifying Workload-Dependent Performance Bottlenecks
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Nodemerge: Template based efficient data reduction for big-data causality analysis
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Make Web3. 0 Connected
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Characteristic Studies of Loop Problems for Structural Test Generation via Symbolic Execution
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Trade or trick? detecting and characterizing scam tokens on uniswap decentralized exchange
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IconIntent: Automatic Identification Of Sensitive UI Widgets Based On Icon Classification For Android Apps
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DeepIntent: Deep Icon-Behavior Learning For Detecting Intention-Behavior Discrepancy In Mobile Apps
S Xi, S Yang, X Xiao, Y Yao, Y Xiong, F Xu, H Wang, P Gao, Z Liu, F Xu, ...
Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications …, 2019
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